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January 21, 2012

Storage Space in San Diego Ð at what cost?

Living in San Diego, CA certainly has its advantages. America’s Finest City offers a wonderful climate (some say the best in the world), ideal proximity to the beaches, the desert, and the mountains. San Diego attractions include the Sea World, dozens of golf courses, Balboa Park, over 60 miles of coastline, and also the world famous San Diego Zoo. However, there is one notable drawback for life in San Diego – the cost of living.

Generally speaking, this higher cost of living impacts almost all consumer costs, including the rental of storage space in San Diego. There are ways to minimize the cost of storage space though. With the use of portable storage, such as that offered by Big Box Storage, San Diego residents are unquestionably able to obtain significant savings on storage space.

Higher land costs often force San Diego self-storage companies to set higher rates on their storage space rentals. However, as a portable storage company (or rather a storage delivery and pickup company), Big Box Storage, is able to avoid having to position its facilities right along expensive, highly visible, main thoroughfares. Although the Big Box Storage facilities are quite convenient and accessible, they lack the unnecessary high-visibility as generally sought by traditional self-storage companies. Significant reductions in overall land costs directly translate to reductions in monthly storage space rental rates for Big Box Storage customers. Consider that Big Box Storage. as of the date of this post,provides a monthly rental rate starting at only $59(based on a 12 month min.) for the rental of a 40 s.f. storage space (the size of a standard Big Box is 8′ x 5′). Compare this rate with those offered by other storage companies throughout San Diego for the same size unit. Here’s a listing of some of those rates, as of January 21, 2012, including the zip code location within San Diego of the other company, as noted on the their websites:

Company A Ð zip code 92108 – $99per month
Company B Ð zip code 92120 – $74 per month
Company C Ð zip code 92131 – $89 per month
Company D Ð zip code 91977 – $84 per month
Company E Ð zip code 92128 – $79 per month
Company F Ð zip code 92026 – $74 per month
Company G Ð zip code 92121 – $72 per month

On average, storage space is 27% less expensive with Big Box Storage as compared to the above storage companies. Although the individual names of the competitor storage companies have been removed (for their benefit), a simple Google search for storage in San Diego will provide direct links to the companies for verification.

There are also otherSan Diego storage space savings when using portable storage. San Diego residents in need of storage space can avoid the cost (and time) associated with having to rent a truck to transport their items to the storage facility. Portable storage companies, such as Big Box Storage, deliver the storage space (aka the “Big Box”) to the customer’s address as opposed to having the customer transport their items to the storage space facility. Once the Big Box is packed, it is then picked up by the company and taken back to the company’s local storage space facility. As truck rental costs can easily surpass $100 (rental, fuel, mileage charge, insurance, etc.) for just a few hours of use, it seems only logical to opt for portable storage as offered by Big Box Storage when looking for storage space in San Diego.

Looking to rent storage space in San Diego? Contact Big Box Storage at 800-391-4890 and start saving today.