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March 31, 2021

Creating an Inventory List For Your Storage Units

Pro tip: Inventory your storage units.

Trust us. It saves time and energy, and if you are an adult living in the same world we are – that is valuable! Consider it sage advice from a wise elder that has been around a while and has seen some things.

Let us start from the beginning. Like so many of our customers before, this story has its genesis in clutter and disarray. Everywhere you would look there is just… STUFF! Priceless, sentimental, beloved… stuff. Now, let’s be clear. They certainly are not things that could be tossed, and unquestionably not things that would be given away. Each item has its intrinsic value, but typically only at a specific point in time (and not very often). Let us say, for example, outdoor sports gear.

You love to ski, you have all the equipment – your poles, boots, helmet, goggles. Just nowhere to keep them. Same situation for the golf bags, the inflatable kayaks, mountain bikes, and let’s just be glad no one can see your amazon purchase history to evidence how much you have spent on camping gear.

Fast forward to the date of inspiration. The date when you realize you have more stuff than space. Maybe you were casually watching an episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive, and decided now is the time for action! Whatever your source of motivation, you have decided today is the day I take back my home, and put stuff in storage.

For the sake of this blog, we will assume you have already done the research, tabulated the mathematical equations, and determined that Big Box Storage is the easiest, least expensive, most bang for your buck portable storage solution in San Diego county.

Side note: If you have not scoured through the competition to make sure that the above claims are true, do not worry. We have! And we back it with a low price guarantee.

It only took 90 seconds to go on the Big Box website and make a reservation. You find that you are surprisingly excited to see the truck drive down your street on your delivery day. You know those Big Boxes coming down the road represent freedom. Freedom from stuff. You are getting your house back! With all this newfound room in the house your mind races around the track of possibilities.

With all this excitement in the air, do not forget our pro tip: Inventory your Storage Units.

Future You will be very happy that you did.

Ways to inventory

Making lists go back to ancient days and we have made thousands of ways to do so since then.

From etchings on cave walls to asking your voice assistant on your phone to remember something for you, there is no perfect way for everyone alike, but your preference likely falls somewhere on the spectrum between a simple pen and paper and a digital edition that backs up to the cloud. Now we will go over your options.

Pen and Paper

Tried and true, timeless. Place a piece of paper near the Big Box you are filling at the moment, and after each item you place inside, write it on the list. Do not forget to write the Big Box number on the paper so you know which Big Box to access in the future.

Make a note on your phone with your favorite notepad app.

Title the note your Big Box number, and add each item to the list. Use a different note for each Big Box for maximum organization.

Expert level: Use your voice assistant to add items to each list without ever touching your phone. Ask Siri, Google, or Alexa how to create a list.

Take pictures

Using your camera phone, take a picture of the number of your Big Box. Follow that picture with everything you are putting inside that Big Box. When you have filled that box and you are ready to start loading the next one, take a picture of the number then follow the first steps. By the time you are done, you can go to your camera roll and find your Big Box number and everything that follows that picture is your inventory.

Expert level: In the future, when you are ready to go back and look at your inventory, simply go to your native camera roll and search your Big Box number. Your camera will automatically find the picture with your Big Box number so you do not have to scroll through thousands of pictures.

Try an app designed for taking an inventory of your storage.

Have you heard the term “there is an app for everything”? That certainly is the case with great apps that help inventory your storage. Simply search the term: “storage inventory” in your phone’s app store, and find which one works best for you. You will discover there is a wide range of options available, spanning from apps that go with a visual inventory that centers around taking photos of your items, to elaborate systems that allow you to create printable QR codes that you can place on your items and scan with your phone for quick access to the contents via picture or list (or even a video!)

Why is it good to inventory?

  • In 9 months when you want to go camping, it makes it so much easier to find what you are looking for. No guessing at which Big Box has what items.

  • When you are looking for the inflatable mattress and can not remember if you put it in storage, or if someone borrowed it and never gave it back.

  • “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. No one likes searching for things. Inventory your items for quick access in the future.

TL/DR Version:

Big Box is the best option for portable storage in San Diego. Save time and stress by creating an inventory list of the items you place in storage to make it easier on yourself in the future when you are ready to get access to your things.

If you haven’t already, give Big Box a call or go online and schedule your delivery today!