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January 27, 2023

San Diego Storage Units

So you’re looking to rent one or more San Diego storage units? As simple as the overall process appears to be, consider the following blog post for some additional valuable input. Over the last decade, the staff here at Big Box Storage of San Diego has assisted thousands of customers with their storage needs.

Generally speaking, when looking for a storage unit, the majority of our customers are primarily interested in one or more of the following three factors:

#1 – Convenience

When looking for a “traditional” self-storage unit (those that require the customer to haul all of their stuff over to the storage facility and place it into the unit), “convenience” is generally associated with the proximity of the storage facility to the customer’s address. With Big Box Storage, “convenience” is a bit more, well, convenient. No matter where you reside in San Diego County, from Oceanside to Chula Vista and everywhere in between, we’ll deliver the storage unit or units right to you. It’s then placed as close as possible to your front door (parking space, driveway, curbside, etc.) so as to minimize the time you’ll need to load the unit. Once you complete the packing of the storage unit, we then return to pick it up for storing inside one of our local storage buildings. Access to your storage unit is then readily available seven days per week. And to complete this convenient storage solution, whenever you reach the time when you no longer need to rent the storage units, simply pickup the phone and tell us when and where you would like to have it redelivered to you. So the next time you think that the local storage facility a mile or two down the road is convenient, consider Big Box Storage instead and you’ll discover true storage convenience.

#2 – Price

The majority of our discussions with customers begin with them asking us about our rates. Another easy one for us. The reality is that most consumers are very price conscious these days Ð justifiably so considering the overall state of the economy. Let us start by saying that all of our rates are backed by a low price guarantee. Now we realize that in this day and age, it seems that every other business is offering some type of low price guarantee. Maybe some just put it out there as a marketing tool, some might only be willing to beat a competitor’s standard rates (not an advertised one), and some might have various requirements that, in essence, negate the real value of the guarantee. Here’s how our guarantee works: if you should find a competitor offering a lower rate (standard rate or promotional rate) on a similar size storage unit, just forward it to us and we’ll provide you with a rate that’s 10% less than that of the competitor’s. No fine print or “catches” to watch out for – find a better rate and we’ll beat it by 10%. Simple.

View our standard rates here.

#3 – Security

At the end of the day, security needs to be everyone’s concern. We don’t mean that you should worry about how secure your storage unit is when renting from Big Box Storage (extremely secure Ð more on that below), but rather that security should really be a driving factor when selecting a storage provider in San Diego (or anywhere). Facts show that the majority of security breaches at storage facilities are, in some way, connected to existing customers of the particular storage facility. For example, consider a scenario in which a storage renter in the building walks past an unlocked storage unit (being rented by another customer) and decides to grab something from within it (or breaks the lock off of a locked one). It happens quite often with many storage providers. What does Big Box Storage do to ensure security with its San Diego storage units? The first line of defense starts on the exterior of the building, which includes a barbed wire gate. This is supplemented with video surveillance which monitors the premises 24/7. Security within the facility consists of motion sensors as well as perimeter alarms. The interior is also monitored with video cameras around the clock. Of course, company staffing also provides an additional level of security. As for the example of theft mentioned above, it would have been prevented at Big Box Storage as the only individuals that are allowed access to the area in which the storage units are stored are company employees (storage units are placed in a separate access area when customers come in to access them).

We’re confident in saying that you’ll find our storage units to be among San Diego’s most convenient, economical, and secure. Feel free to contact one of our friendly staff members at 800-391-4890 should you have any questions.