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Storage Space Estimator

Preparing to store or ship your stuff? Find out how many Big Boxes you’ll need to fit your needs. In doubt? Just order extra! We’ll only charge for what you use.

We recommend:

1 Big Box

More stuff than average? Get 2 Big Boxes

We recommend:

2 Big Boxes

More stuff than average? Get 3 Big Boxes

We recommend:

3 Big Boxes

More stuff than average? Get 4 Big Boxes

We recommend:

4 Big Boxes

More stuff than average? Get 5 Big Boxes

We recommend:

6 Big Boxes

More stuff than average? Get 7 Big Boxes

We recommend:

8 Big Boxes

More stuff than average? Get 10 Big Boxes

The Big Box

Each Big Box can fit about one room’s worth of items and is easy to pack and store!

  • Skip the truck rental — we deliver the box to you
  • Ground-level loading — no ramp required
  • Full swing-open door for maximum maneuverability
  • Weather-proof shell 
  • Lockable
  • Sturdy construction

Frequently Asked Questions

Access is available every day of the week. To access your belongings, simply provide two hours advance notice between the hours of 10am and 3pm (need to call by 1pm and finish by 5pm) and your Big Box(es) will be ready for you when you arrive at the San Diego facility. There’s never a charge to access your storage!

Certainly. As you fill the Big Box(es), we can return to pick it/them up while also delivering additional ones if needed.

While Big Box Storage does not actually participate in the loading process, we work with several moving companies that can handle the task for you. The loading would then take place in conjunction with the delivery of the Big Box(es). Please speak to a representative at (619) 436-5020 if you would like an introduction to one of our moving partners.