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October 15, 2015

Discounts on Storage Units in San Diego

Everyone is justifiably looking to save a dollar wherever they can. With that in mind, companies are constantly offering different sales, promotions, and discounts to attract your business. Self-storage facilities, in San Diego and elsewhere, are no different. If you have been searching for a storage unit rental lately, you’ve likely noticed a wide range of different discounts being offered. Although some storage companies do steer clear of any promotions, the vast majority participate.

Price reductions and promotions come in all shapes and sizes. Some storage companies merely provide a free lock to new customer, others give a flat dollar amount (maybe $10, $25, or even higher), some give a percentage off of each month (e.g. 10% off your first six months of rent), while a few even give an entire month of free rent.

Big Box Storage is among the more aggressive storage companies in San Diego when it comes to providing discounts. Although we’re eager to earn your business with our staples of convenience and security, we back up all our rental rates with a low price guarantee. Beyond the guarantee, customers often are provided with discounts which differ from month to month. The leading promotion presently be offered (as measured by customer polularity) is a discounted rate of only $1 for the first month’s rent of a Big Box (a savings of $73). While the discount does require a minimum storage term of six months, customers also receive free delivery and pickup (an additional savings of $99). While other companies might offer a similar $1 first month rate, none (at least none in San Diego) also include delivering and picking the storage unit to/from your address for free. We’re confident that after you do your research, you’ll agree that the best option for a storage unit rental in San Diego is Big Box Storage.