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November 30, 2012

Christmas Decorations Storage for Eastlake and Beyond

Did everyone have a great Thanksgiving and Black Friday? We sure hope you did. What a great time of the year with back to back Holidays and everyone in a festive and happy mood.

Now with Thanksgiving passed us, many people are thinking of the Christmas Holiday and thinking of decorating their trees; which leads us to this week’s blog post. Mayra in Eastlake (Chula Vista) called first thing Friday morning to access her Big Box Storage box because she needed to grab all of her Christmas decorations for her house. What a great idea! You can use Big Box Storage to store all of your holiday decorations year after year. And if that’s the case, you can sign up for long term storage which gets you an additional monthly discount on your storage unit (please call for details 1-800-391-4890). Turns out Mayra from Eastlake has been using Big Box Storage for exactly that purpose the last few years. In her words “it’s so convenient. I live in a condo and cannot keep all my wonderful decorations in home all year. This way I grab them when I need them, and then store them with you guys the rest of the time.” Thanks Mayra. You helped inspire this week’s post.

And thank you to everyone that supported us on Facebook this week in honor of Small Business Saturday! We are a locally owned and operated storage facility and Big Box Storage is family owned. So we love the chance to celebrate Small Business Saturday, because that’s what we are. In fact because of this we want to remind everyone that if you go to our Facebook page, you can receive a special offer on our one of our Big Box Storage boxes. Who doesn’t appreciate a great deal? Thanks and have a great week!