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Top 10 Most Popular Items Stored in a Big Box Storage Unit

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Posted on February 11, 2014
popular items stored in a Big Box storage unit in San Diego

We often receiving calls from prospective customers asking how much space is actually in a “Big Box”. How much can they store in it? What can they store in it? Regarding size, each Big Box storage unit is 8’ long by 5’ wide. The height is 7’. As a general rule, each one is capable of storing the contents of up to one and a half rooms.

Although we also offer a storage size estimator to assist with determining how many Big Boxes you might need, below is some additional (hopefully beneficial) information from past and existing Big Box Storage customers to also help you. The info was obtained via a survey of 200 customers (residential customers in San Diego County, not our business customers).  According to them, the 10 most popular items stored are as follows:

  1. Mattresses - yes, even king size ones will fit fine.
  2. Misc. household goods – from clothes to kitchenware to bedding, most customers are looking to store some type of household goods.
  3. Televisions - as with any storage situation, please remember to protect your stored items such as TVs with moving pads, bubble wrap, etc.
  4. Chairs – although the survey didn’t specify which types of chairs, you can store any type of chair including dining chairs, lazy-boy recliners, rocking chairs, chaise lounges, and others.
  5. Washer/dryers – as with the above items, washing machines and dryers will also fit without a problem.
  6. Holiday decorations – many customers rent a Big Box and schedule a delivery/pickup before and after the holiday season each year so that they can access their decorations and/or seasonal items.
  7. Sofas – the Big Box can hold sofas and couches up to 8 ft. in length. Many customer even store sectionals.
  8. Refrigerators - unless you own some type of industrial version, refrigerators can easily fit inside a Big Box.
  9. Photos and memorabilia – there’s obviously plenty of room for such items.
  10. Books – There’s certainly ample room in a Big Box to hold all but the largest of book collections.

Of course, this list shows merely a small sampling of the endless types of items that can be, and are, stored in a Big Box.  For questions regarding any other items, please feel free to call Big Box Storage at 619-436-5020.