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Let Big Box Storage San Diego assist you with your search for the most affordable as well as most convenient self-storage option in San Diego, California. For the last decade, thousands of San Diego residents have opted for the company’s portable storage service when looking to store their personal or business items. In doing so, they’ve been able to obtain significant savings – as confirmed by the Big Box Storage San Diego low price guarantee – and they’ve also been able to save a substantial amount of time.  For a closer look at why Big Box Storage San Diego is the preferred storage company in San Diego, please view the online infographic.

The “New” Way to Store

Consider what was previously viewed to be the typical process involved with putting your goods into a rented storage unit. First, the storage renter would find a truck to haul the items to the San Diego storage facility. This might involve either borrowing or renting such a truck. After picking up the truck, the next step would be to pack it. Upon completion of the packing, they would then drive to the storage facility and begin unloading the truck. To load the actual storage locker or unit, they would generally use a cart to transport their items up and down the hallways (and sometimes elevators) of the self-storage center. Finally, assuming multiple trips to and from their San Diego address were not required, they would then return the truck. This clearly seems like a highly inefficient process.

Storage San Diego: Easier than Ever!

In selecting Big Box Storage San Diego as opposed to another San Diego self storage company, the renter is able to simply load the storage container right outside their own home or business. Once finished loading, it is then picked up for accessible storing inside the storage San Diego facilities of Big Box Storage San Diego as located at 7077 Consolidated Way, San Diego, CA 92121

Questions? Need to schedule a Big Box delivery? Representatives are always available by calling 619-436-5020.