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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your hours?

Big Box Storage is open seven days a week.  Representatives are available between the hours of 7:30am and 6:00pm Monday through Friday and weekend hours are from 7:30am to 5:00 pm (excluding major holidays). Existing customers may also access their account information and make payments online 24 hours a day.

What are your rates?

Big Box Storage offers the most aggressive storage pricing in San Diego County. A complete overview of rates can be viewed via the rates page. All rental rates are back by a 110% low price guarantee.

What areas do you service?

Generally speaking, the company provides storage delivery and pick-up throughout the vast majority of the addresses in San Diego County, CA. For a detailed overview, please visit the Service Area page.

What size is the Big Box?

Each Big Box measures 8' x 5' x 7' (L x W x H exterior) and can typically hold up to one and a half rooms of contents. Should you need additional space, multiple Big Boxes can always be delivered. Should you need assistance in determining how many Big Boxes you may need, please utilize the online storage space estimator or contact a representative at 800-592-3090800-391-4890.

Is there a weight limit on what can be stored inside the Big Box?

There is a limit of 2,000 pounds. Generally speaking, this limit is quite sufficient for most household items.

How can I schedule the delivery and pickup of a Big Box container?

Simply complete the brief online scheduling form or contact a representative at 800-592-3090800-391-4890. Select a convenient delivery date and time that works best for you and the company will be pleased to accommodate it. The rental agreement can be signed at the time the Big Box is delivered at your address.

Do you charge for the delivery and pickup of the Big Box containers?

Delivery and pickup with the company’s standard service area is free with the commitment to a three-month minimum storage term. If you’ll be storing for less than three months, a $99 delivery/pickup fee applies. For additional details, feel free to view all the company’s great rates as listed on the rates page.

Do I need to be home for the delivery and pickup of the Big Box?

No. As the rental agreement can be emailed to you for your-e-signature and payment can be made over the phone/online, your presence is not required at the time of delivery or pickup. If you are not going to be home, you'll need to provide details on precisely where you would like to have the Big Box(es) placed at your address. 

Can the Big Box be left outside for extended periods while I load my items into it?

Yes, whether you need months or merely hours to load your items into the Big Box, the length of time during which the Big Box is at your address is entirely up to you. During the loading period, each Big Box is covered by a weather-resistant cover that protects the container and its contents against the elements.

Can you assist me in determining how many Big Box containers I will need?

While telephone support is always available at 800-592-3090800-391-4890, you will also find the storage space estimator to be quite helpful. Further, please note that you'll only end up having to pay for the number of Big Boxes that you actually use (not necessarily the number that is delivered).

Can you load the Big Box for me?

While Big Box Storage does not actually participate in the loading process, the company works with several moving companies that can handle the task for you. The loading would then take place in conjunction with the delivery of the Big Box(es). Please speak to a representative at 800-592-3090800-391-4890 should you desire an introduction to one of the moving companies.

I need more than a single Big Box, however there's not much space in front of my home/office. Can you stagger the delivery times of additional Big Boxes?

Certainly. As you fill the Big Box(es), the company can return to pick it/them up while also delivering additional ones if needed.

I live in an apartment, where can you place the Big Box at my address?

The Big Box Storage delivery drivers rarely have difficulty in finding a suitable spot for the placement of the Big Box(es). Typically, two Big Box(es) can be placed anywhere a car would otherwise fit.

Will my belongings shift much during transport?

While the Big Box Storage staff is always cautious while transporting belongings, it's recommended that you load the Big Box just as you would load a truck. Place heavier items on the floor and fill in the upper areas with lighter pieces. This will minimize shifting that would have otherwise occurred. As with any move, protective materials (bubble wrap, moving pads, etc.) can also be utilized. You may also order packing supplies when scheduling your Big Box delivery online.

Where will my Big Box be stored?

The main Big Box Storage facility is located at 7077 Consolidated Way, San Diego, CA 92121.

How secure will my belongings be?

Extremely secure. In addition to on-site staffing, the Big Box Storage facilities also provide for anti-theft protection including motion, perimeter alarms, and video surveillance.

Can I access my belongings while in storage?

Absolutely. Access is available every day of the week. To access your belongings, simply provide two hours advance notice between the hours of 10am and 4pm (need to call by 1pm and finish by 4pm) and your Big Box(es) will be ready for you when you arrive at the San Diego facility. There’s never a charge to access your storage.

In a sentence, why should I choose Big Box Storage as my storage provider?

Big Box Storage offers the convenience of delivery and pickup, the physical security of modern technology in its San Diego facilities, and rates that are backed by a 110% low price guarantee.