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Portable Storage

Cheap Storage in San Diego

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Posted on October 16, 2011

Cheap storage? According to Webster’s, the definition of “cheap” is “costing very little; relatively low in price; inexpensive”. Somewhere along the line, the word’s meaning now seems to have taken on a greater focus on value (or lack thereof) than on price. Storage renters looking for cheap storage in San Diego, CA certainly don’t need to sacrifice value when selecting between low-cost San Diego storage facilities.

San Diego Storage Units

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Posted on October 5, 2011

So you’re looking to rent one or more San Diego storage units? As simple as the overall process appears to be, consider the following blog post for some additional valuable input. Over the last decade, the staff here at Big Box Storage of San Diego has assisted thousands of customers with their storage needs.

Generally speaking, when looking for a storage unit, the majority of our customers are primarily interested in one or more of the following three factors:


San Diego Storage Auctions

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Posted on September 17, 2011

In considering a topic for this storage blog, I questioned whether the topic of “storage auctions” might be too negative. An overview of the process that ultimately leads with the sale of a storage renter’s stored goods via auction? I thought maybe it would be better to distance ourselves from the issue. However, the reality is that storage auctions are a standard part of the self-storage business. Additionally, they’re also becoming increasingly well known thanks to the various TV shows that have popped up over the last year trying to portray an entertaining side to them.

The “Big Box Storage” Rental Experience

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Posted on July 22, 2011

Although we’re constantly trying to ensure that our website provides San Diego storage renters with as much relevant information regarding our portable storage service as possible, there will always be some customers that still have questions unique to their situation. Questions that we’re happy to assist with.

Portable Storage Vs. Conventional Storage

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Posted on July 4, 2011

As employees of a portable storage company, we’re admittedly a bit biased on the subject, but we’re also confident in saying that portable storage should be the clear choice over conventional storage when deciding on a San Diego storage solution.