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On-Site Storage Container Rentals Now Available From Big Box Storage

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Posted on October 12, 2007

Big Box Storage is pleased to announce that "on-site" storage containers are now available for rent to customers. Previously, the company's container rental services were limited to storage containers (or rather "Big Boxes") that were loaded at the customer's address prior to being picked up for storing indoors at a Big Box Storage facility. While this convenient service will certainly continue, customers now also have the added ability to have the Big Box remain at their address indefinitely or until such time as the extra storage space is no longer needed.

As with all Big Boxes offered by the company, the new "on-site" Big Box offers excellent protection against the elements and is also made of steel for added durability.

Currently the on-site Big Box is only available at participating Big Box Storage locations. To schedule a delivery of a Big Box or to receive additional information, please contact Big Box Storage at 800-391-4890.