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January 6, 2017

Big Box Storage sponsors 9 homeless

It’s cold in San Diego! Every year, about this time, we experience a shift in our otherwise perfect climate that prompts us to add on the layers and pretend it’s summer again. To the vast majority of San Diegans a mere inconvenience, but to some, a much more serious issue. To those few, shivering at night – alone and hungry on the streets, are a way of life.

If you find yourself trekking through the urban core of America’s finest city you will won’t go without an encounter with one of the 1,162 people living outdoors in downtown San Diego. That number has dramatically risen 43 percent in just one year. In just a single city block, one can be approached by several people reaching out in need, making it seem impossible to make a difference.

Enter San Diego Rescue Mission

San Diego Rescue Mission is a non-profit homeless shelter and recovery center serving thousands of homeless, hungry, and poor men, women, and children in San Diego since 1955. Their mission is to serve the needs of the poor, addicted, abused, and homeless, thus improving the quality of their lives. Their programs provide the rehabilitation that allows them to achieve their mission, leading to positive, lasting change Ð and creating better lives for those they serve, their families, and the community as a whole.

Over the last year they have:

-Sheltered men, women & children for 163,885 nights

-Provided 424,325 meals, more than 1,100 each day

-Rescued 152 people providing case management & critical care in our Recuperative Care Unit

-Cared for 600 children & 1104 women providing safety from the streets & meals in an emergency overnight shelter…

…and we want to help! Big Box Storage hopes to lead a wave of support from our friends and neighbors by sponsoring 9 people experiencing homelessness with around the clock shelter, food, and care from San Diego Rescue Mission. It is our sincerest hope that we can shine a light on a dark day for someone in need, and that light will grow to help others in return. If you feel compelled to join us in our support, please consider making a donation of any size here.