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May 1, 2017

Big Box Storage presents the May Teacher of the Month!

Big Box Storage presents the May Teacher of the Month!

Congratulations Këri Bolding from Thrive Public School in San Diego. You are the Big Box Storage Teacher of the Month! In a time when our country is experiencing what seems to be an era of divide, we are thrilled to find our next generation of free-thinkers are offered an alternative point of view through an artistic perspective. We have a huge soft spot for the arts here at Big Box Storage, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to support you and your kids.

From the teacher:

“I teach a group of amazing first and second graders from diverse

backgrounds, experiences and abilities. They all have big hearts and an

extraordinary capacity to understand and relate to the feelings others who

are different. They have been working together all year to learn about our

5 senses, and how they help us engage with and comprehend the people and

world around us.

We are now focused on ways to *use our sense of sight to look deeper*

and *learn more* about each other, ourselves, and our community.

Students are gaining information, skills and experiences that connect

them to the anatomy of their eyes, the many applications of vision in

science and math, and the diversity in concepts of beauty in art,

literature, and culture. Most importantly, they are learning not to

judge something or someone by first appearance and their writings

and illustrations reflect this important concept.

My students are truly wonderful artists and need more supplies as they

explore and undertake different techniques and genres. They love to paint,

but we only have enough tabletop easels for part of the class, and need 14

more so everyone can create together. It would be fabulous to provide at

least one real canvas per student for a final masterpiece, but this is not

possible without outside support. Art and drawing supplies like paint,

brushes, mini pallets, watercolor paper and colored pencils are in great

need as well.

I believe that school is a magical place where any student can become a

“mastermind,” brilliant creator, awesome author, super scientist, excellent

engineer, and much more. I try to make everyday a part of an ongoing

journey where the love of learning is celebrated and has no limits.

We celebrate your limitless efforts and would be honored to assist in purchasing art and drawing supplies for your classroom. It would fantastic to see your students creativity and share it with the world via our social media outlets. We invite you to submit their work for all of our fans to become your fans!

Do you know someone that deserves to be recognized as our next Teacher of the Month? Email us at and include the teacher’s name, school and class info, what the teacher needs the most to help educate San Diego community kids, and why you think they should be our monthly featured teacher.