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March 6, 2017

Big Box Storage presents the March Teacher of the Month!

Big Box Storage presents the March Teacher of the Month!

Congratulations Ms. Honig from Knox Middle School in San Diego. You are the Big Box Storage Teacher of the Month! It is certainly commendable the steps you’ve taken just to get a pencil in the hand of yours students. We appreciate your efforts and motivation to groom the next generation of learners.

From the teacher:

Students learn best when they are able to experience; this is something that I would like to include in the math classroom more. It also helps students of all backgrounds and languages to understand and experience the concept better because when we work with kinesthetics there is much less language (such as talking and writing) involved and much more collaborating and learning! In order to work kinesthetically I am in high need of creative supplies in my room since it came with none, as well as any inspirational decoration.

I have been struggling with this recurring pencil problem for a while like many teacher do. Do you buy them

pencils? Do you not? A student sitting in your class without a pencils is not able to practice or take notes. This was until I came across the following poem:

Cause I ain’t got a pencil.

I woke myself up

Because we ain’t got an alarm clock

Dug in the dirty clothes basket,

Cause ain’t nobody washed my uniform

Brushed my hair and teeth in the dark,

Cause the lights ain’t on

Even got my baby sister ready

Cause my mama wasn’t home.

Got us both to school on time,

To eat us a good breakfast.

Then when I got to class the teacher fussed

Cause I ain’t got a pencil.

By Joshua T. Dickerson

Please support me to help my students succeed in math!”

Big Box Storage would be thrilled to help you help your students! We appreciate an educator of action that actively takes steps and does what is necessary for children to see success. It is our sincerest hope that the graphite in the tips of those pencils not only help answer test questions, but also helps to foster a life long love of learning. Big Box Storage invites you to submit their work so we can spotlight their talents across our social media. Thank you again for your efforts!

Do you know someone that deserves to be recognized as our next Teacher of the Month? Email us at and include the teacher’s name, school and class info, what the teacher needs the most to help educate San Diego community kids, and why you think they should be our monthly featured teacher.