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February 2, 2017

Big Box Storage presents the February Teacher of the Month!

Congratulations Ms. Kvalstad from Solana Pacific Elementary School in San Diego. You are the Big Box Storage Teacher of the Month! We admire your creativity and ability to see the unlimited potential in our next generation.

From the teacher:

“I teach a linguistically and culturally diverse student population where over 50 countries are represented, and some of my students have special needs or learning disabilities. They truly are a unique set of learners!

These future scientists, engineers, mathematicians, writers, and explorers want tools in the classroom that are used in the real-world! They work in small groups or in partners on interactive, hands-on, engaging activities where they can see their ideas become new innovations. Our school incorporates project-based learning and STEM projects to make learning fun and engaging!

My students need a 3Doodler Start EDU Bundle Set to integrate their imagination, innovation, and engineering. This project will allow my students’ creative STEM innovations to come alive in 3D! Investigating abstract concepts in math, science, art, and engineering will be more meaningful and engaging once students can see them applied in 3D. My students will use the 3Doodler in so many collaborative STEM projects throughout the year, such as in math we will be at exploring geometry and measurement when designing their Dream House. In science, they’ll be creating a 3D model of a make-believe animal with adaptations to survive and in engineering they’ll be designing and constructing a weight-bearing bridge or roller coaster. By funding this project you’ll help my students explore, discover, create, and apply their learning like they never have before in the third dimension!”

Big Box Storage is excited to see teachers like you embracing cutting edge learning tools that prepare students for new jobs in the real world. For that reason, we are thrilled to assist you with the purchase of the 3Doodler. We hope that this will spark the imagination and creativity of your students, so that one day, perhaps , they will be the next great thinkers, fixers, and builders of our Nation. Big Box Storage invites you to submit their work so we can spotlight their talents across our social media. Thank you again for your efforts!

Do you know someone that deserves to be recognized as our next Teacher of the Month? Email us at and include the teacher’s name, school and class info, what the teacher needs the most to help educate San Diego community kids, and why you think they should be our monthly featured teacher.