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December 1, 2016

Big Box Storage presents the December Teacher of the Month!

Big Box Storage presents the Teacher of the Month!

Congratulations Ms. Woodruff from Innovations Charter Academy in San Diego. We commend the hard work you put in at your school teaching the bright minds of our next generation. Further, we’re proud to support and donate to your classroom efforts

From the teacher:

“My students need microscopes in order to further our exploration of life science.

At my school, we emphasize the importance of Project Based Learning, Social and Emotional skills, and putting students in charge of their own learning. My class is full of energetic students who love to learn about new things and love to get involved in our community. As 7th graders, they are becoming more independent and are incredibly enthusiastic about making decisions for themselves at school. We have students from all over San Diego and because of that, have many different students from many different backgrounds. …[We] want to allow students to accomplish the goals and projects they have in mind with no monetary restrictions.

Since our students are at a charter school, we do not often get funding that regular public schools do for expensive items that would be used in the classroom. We have students who come from all different backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses and cultures and because of that, providing students with equal access to materials is important to me.

My students question and explore things in a hands-on way that would only be enhanced by adding these microscopes to our class. We will be starting our life science unit soon and students will need to explore basic cell structure as well as the structure and function of living systems; bones and muscles, organs and tissues, and plants and animals. These microscopes would allow students to actually interact and investigate the structure and functions of these systems on a microscopic level.”

We believe it is so important for students to learn the value in understanding facts pulled from data, and exploring the bounds of knowledge through first-hand exploration. All of us here at Big Box Storage sincerely hope this donation for the purchase of microscopes helps lifts the veil of the cellular world and aids your student’s scientific journey. It is a small token of our appreciation for everything you do in the classroom.

Do you know someone that deserves to be recognized as our next Teacher of the Month? Email us at and include the teacher’s name, school and class info, what the teacher needs the most to help educate San Diego community kids, and why you think they should be our monthly featured teacher.