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April 6, 2017

Big Box Storage presents the April Teacher of the Month!

Big Box Storage presents the April Teacher of the Month!

Congratulations Mr. Newman from e3 Civic High School in San Diego. You are the Big Box Storage Teacher of the Month! It was your impassioned call for help to provide healthy and nutritious brain food to your students, not only for in the classroom but also to take home with them, that led us to donate to your worthy cause. We commend your efforts in teaching this generation the value in clean, healthy eating.

From the teacher:

“My Students

Our school serves the culturally and linguistically diverse youth in and around downtown San Diego. We proudly teach a population of students with a high percentage of English Learners and Special Education. About 75% of the students at our school receive free and reduced lunch because their families are low income. The majority of these kids are urban kids and have very little experience with hands-on, lab science, healthy eating or outdoor spaces (such as a garden).

Many of our students have experienced poverty and come to school hungry or undernourished.

Some of my students simply don’t get enough food. The meals they get at the school are often the best (or only) meals they receive all day. Other students have full bellies but are filling up on junk and fast foods. Although they may not be hungry they are undernourished because they rarely eat fruits, vegetables or quality sources of protein. Most of the parents of our students are busy working so they can’t control what their kids eat.

My Project

I’m doing my best to feed my students so that they are not hungry or undernourished and can learn. We are growing lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in our school garden and we learn about nutrition. My students are slowly but steadily learning to prefer healthy, fresh foods (like salad or nuts) over junk and fast food. That’s where you come in! This project will provide the nutritious sources of vegetarian protein that my students desperately need. They can take the snacks home or eat them at the start of the day. I’m asking for lots of healthy, portable sources of protein, such as canned pinto beans, shelf stable cheese, nuts (almonds and walnuts) and even some crispy dried cheeses that are amazingly tasty.

We will be learning important lessons about food justice and nutrition. Food justice examines the idea that some communities do not have access to healthy food choices, such as vegetables and healthy protein. These sorts of lessons are incredibly relevant to my students lives, as they are constantly snacking on unhealthy foods. Being able to access healthy foods will provide them with lifelong nutrition lessons that will help them to lead healthier lives. It’s my belief that if my students can learn to take care of themselves better they will become happier, more productive adults.”

It is educators such as yourself that make our Teacher of the Month program so special. We are honored to have the opportunity to spotlight your extraordinary efforts with your students.

Do you know someone that deserves to be recognized as our next Teacher of the Month? Email us at and include the teacher’s name, school and class info, what the teacher needs the most to help educate San Diego community kids, and why you think they should be our monthly featured teacher.