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December 14, 2012

Yelp Reviews for San Diego Storage Companies

For this week’s storage blog we want to share with you one of the great storage promotions we have around San Diego for renting one of our Big Box Storage units. This week we are talking about Yelp. If you are unfamiliar with Yelp, it is a website/service that allows the consumer to write reviews about businesses that other potential customers can read to get a grasp on the better companies out there to choose from (in the self-storage industry or otherwise). View a sample review here.

Yelp sometimes gets a bad rap sometimes for false reviews or for the overzealous nature of some of the reviewers, but we are quite proud of our review status. Currently if you go to Yelp and look up “Big Box Storage” and “San Diego” you will see the strong positive reviews as posted by previous customers.

In fact, on top of the great storage rental rates we offer, we really do pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We want the overall storage experience to be easy and hassle free for you the customer, as well as a great deal from an economic stance as well.

The last thing we want to point out about why Yelp is so awesome for storage renters throughout San Diego. It allows YOU as the customer to dictate the feedback. In this social media world, businesses are finding out that the consumers are truly the ones driving increased sales. More and more we are all looking to our friends, family, and social networks for recommendations on how to spend our hard earned money. With self storage needs, we appreciate any and all kind words you share about us. In the end, it helps to create new business for us. Thanks San Diego!