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What Does 2019 Have In Storage?

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Posted on January 12, 2019

The second part of our 4 part series, “What does 2019 have in storage”, features our friend Megan who is moving back home to Portland. Megan has lived in San Diego for several years now, and has collected quite the spread of her favorite possessions, but she won’t be able to fit everything in her Fiat. She thought about selling or giving away whatever she can’t take, but quickly decided it wasn’t time to part ways just yet.

Now is a critical time for Megan. She could rent a truck and go through the whole process of transportation and loading, trekking up and down the ramp, and still have to worry about getting to Portland safely. But that takes too much time and money! She made the right decision and called Big Box Storage.


Megan was thrilled to learn that all Big Box Storage long distance customers receive FREE initial delivery and pickup, as well as 30 days of complimentary storage here in San Diego. But it was our extremely competitive rates and unmatched customer service that helped Megan make up her mind and go with the pros! The next day we delivered a Big Box to Megan’s Ocean Beach apartment and she filled it fast! We came back that evening, picked up the Big Box and brought  it back to our warehouse where she had  it shipped out the following morning! She was so happy that the process was simple and she got a great rate, without having to worry about hassles of shipping the traditional way.


Whether you’re headed to Seattle, Boston, Miami, or any U.S. city/town in between, let Big Box Storage coordinate the storage and transport of your valued items. To see just how much you can actually save on an upcoming long distance shipment, please visit the shipping rates page, or contact a Big Box Storage representative at 800-391-4890.