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What Does 2019 Have In Storage?

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Posted on January 10, 2019

The New Year is here! All bright eyed and bushy tailed, filled with possibilities and exciting new opportunities. Many people will be finding new jobs, moving to parts unknown, or starting new relationships. But with all the uncertainties out there, the big question is… What does 2019 have in ‘store-age’ for you? This month we will be focusing on this theme to illustrate how easy it us to save money, time, and energy in 2019 with Big Box Storage.


Part one of our four part series, “What does 2019 have in storage”:


How about a better apartment? If you are tired of the neighbors constantly barking dog, or maintenance not fixing your work orders, it may be time to move. Moving can be such a pain, though. Going through the trouble of renting a truck and worrying about liability on the road, or having to ask all your friends with a truck to help you move on their only day off with only lunch and a six pack as reward is not a good time. Not so with Big Box Storage! We pride ourselves in keeping it easy. First, make a reservation either online or by calling our office. Then have one or more "Big Boxes" delivered to your address, fill it at your leisure, and we'll pick it up and take it to your new place. Easy as that!

Forget having to rent, load, and unload a truck. That takes too much time and energy! So many people are finding out how easy it is to use curb to curb moving with Big Box Storage on the speed dial. It’s time for you to find out too!  Make a reservation today and ask about our great New Years’ specials!

Big Box Storage. Pack it at your place, store it at ours!