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July 11, 2019

The true cost of San Diego Storage Units

Have you ever had one of these storage problems happen to you or someone you know?

Scenario 1: A couple in San Diego needs to downsize their residence after the kids leave home. No one seems to want their excess furniture, so they sell it at a garage sale or online. Three years later, the kids finish college and move into their own homes. They want the furniture their parents got rid of, but it’s too late! When they calculate how much it’s going to cost them to buy all that stuff new, they realize it would have been more cost-effective to store the furniture. Plus, they can never replace the sentimental value of old hope chests, oak dining tables, and fine leather reclining chairs.

Scenario 2: Someone gets a job in another state or overseas and decides to sell their furniture and move on. This person sticks it out for one year abroad but doesn’t like it. They want to return to San Diego. But when they come back, they realize their haste in selling everything. They realize that it’s going to cost them a heap of money to replace all the stuff they need again. Why didn’t they just put their belongings into a San Diego storage unit, instead? In that way, if they loved it overseas, they could’ve returned to San Diego at a later date and sold the furniture.

Scenario 3: In San Diego, a young couple with one child sell all the baby stuff for peanuts online and in a garage sale because they needed the space. The next thing they know, baby number two is on the way, and they have to buy all the baby furniture items again. The cost is considerable for a couple who needs to start saving for their second baby.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? The common denominator among all these scenarios is that they didn’t bother to find out the cost of San Diego storage units before making a big “sell or storage” decision. That’s why we have decided to compile a comprehensive San Diego storage unit costs article for you to read. This review is so YOU can make an informed decision on whether storing or selling is the best action for you to take. The results may astonish you.

Portable Storage Ð It’s as easy as 1-2-3

It has never been easier to go online and look at mobile storage options near you. For anyone unfamiliar with how portable storage works, we will give a quick breakdown of the easy 1-2-3 process.

1. A portable storage unit is delivered to your local address (placed in a position where a car might otherwise be parked).

2. When you have loaded the unit, it’s collected by the San Diego storage unit service and taken to a nearby storage unit facility. Don’t worry. When you choose the best San Diego storage facilities, you can access your stored items whenever you want. You only need to phone ahead first.

3. When you want your items delivered to your home, the storage service brings your portable unit straight to your address.

This 1-2-3 easy portable storage service is the only one customers choose when they need something stored. Why should you have to bother with loading your things into a truck and then drive to a storage facility? Then you’ll have to unpack your items into the storage unit. That’s not even taking into account the hassle of hiring the rental truck and repeating the process all over again when you need to take something out of storage. This is not to mention the wasted time and energy on this unnecessary extra step. What about the additional cost of the truck rentals?

Truck Rentals

This is the problem with separately organizing your truck rental from your storage unit rental. You have to know the accurate dimensions of your storage boxes, or else you may end up paying more for extra truck space you don’t need. Or you may have to make two trips (as if one wasn’t bad enough!). How many drivers out there feel entirely comfortable about handling a 26-foot large moving truck? Even a 20-foot truck? You should know that it’s challenging for someone to drive for the first time.

Driving an enormous rental truck is one thing. But have you stopped to consider how difficult it would be loading the heavy items onto the truck on your own? Truck rental companies make it sound so simple to slide your grandmother’s piano up from the floor and onto the truck. But in reality, it takes a specially constructed dolly to handle the heavy lifting. If you don’t have one, you will need to rent one in addition to the truck.

If you are a single person without a driver’s license, how are you going to manage a truck rental hire without the necessary documentation? The extra expense of hiring a driver or roping in a friend to help you only adds to the time and energy in planning the entire operation. A little bit of online research will show you that truck rental prices in San Diego can be alarming. It is for these reasons that people who need their items taken to a storage unit in San Diego are choosing the portable storage unit option instead.

Rental Rates

Okay, so you’ve decided that storage is the best action for your long- term or short-term storage requirements. You like the idea of portable storage helping you by taking away the need for truck rental. So, the information you will want next is a list of comparable storage unit rental rates. With this information, you can choose which storage unit company in San Diego is the one for you.

Storage unit rental costs in San Diego range according to certain determining factors:

• San Diegans are fortunate to have large tracts of space outside the city limits (Oceanside, Escondido, Chula Vista, El Cajon, etc.) to build storage units. For anyone who lives in a built-up urban environment, if they want to use a storage facility nearby, they will have to pay more. Urban storage is always more expensive than suburban storage or areas outside the city limits.

• A significant factor that determines the San Diego storage unit price and convenience is how long you intend to use it. If you have a good idea of the length of time you need the storage unit for, look for a facility that offers month-to-month rentals. This situation is particularly helpful if you only need the rental unit for a month or two. If you have long term plans to store items for an indefinite time, you can get some amazing deals for three-month-minimum storage unit rentals. Usually, if a storage unit facility is offering outstanding discounts and sales, such as the first month for free, it’s for long-term rentals only. Remember to check up on that before committing to a contract. If you are using portable storage, the facility may throw in a free pick-up and delivery if you choose them.

• The size of the unit you need is a significant factor in determining monthly storage rental prices. Even then, you may still face a wide range of price points and alluring discount deals. For example, a 5’x5′ San Diego storage unit is listed at $45.00 (half-price for the first three months) in one facility and $66.00 for the same size in another facility nearby. If you plan on long-term storage or are not sure how long you will need your unit for, it may be cheaper to go for the $66.00 unit. When the $45.00 unit goes up to $90.00 after three months, it will work out to be more expensive.

What Is the Difference Between a Full-Service Secure Storage Unit and Self-Storage?

Self-storage is when you enter the premises through a gate and then access your storage unit with your lock. If the area is not temperature or climate controlled, when it gets hot, your goods get hot as well. However, temperature and weather controlled storage cost more than one without the controls. We recommend temperature control storage for San Diego.

Self-storage doesn’t offer any labor assistance, and anyone visiting the facility with a bolt cutter can access your unit if they are alone.

Full-service storage facilities in San Diego are not open to public access. If you wish to see your stored items, you have to make an appointment. You are offered assistance in moving your unit and in delivering it when you need it somewhere else. They have permanent staff on duty to monitor the facility, and it’s locked up at night. They are strictly climate and temperature controlled to ensure the stored items are not exposed to fluctuating temperatures.

The Value of Your Time

It’s impossible to put a price on your time. You can also add that it is difficult to put a price on convenience, ease of mind, and value for money. Big Box Storage in San Diego has come up with the ideal solution to all your storage requirements, questions, and difficulties.

When you find a better quote from a similar storage facility, Big Box Storage will not only match it, but they will also deduct an additional 10%. That means you don’t need to waste your time looking for competitive rates online or on the phone. Big Box Storage is so confident they have the lowest storage unit prices, they offer this low price guarantee.

If you think that another storage unit can do better than Big Box, have you considered the price of truck rental, insurance costs for a public access storage facility, all those add-ons, such as packaging, labor, a driver, and a dolly? Never mind all the worry about taking responsibility for ensuring the safe transport, storage, and delivery of grandmother’s precious piano. The level of service offered to you by Big Box Storage is what has driven it up the ranks to become the best storage facility in San Diego.

You will recognize the bright and friendly big blue and orange portable storage units on curbsides throughout San Diego. The staff at Big Box Storage will always have a better, cheaper quote for you, plus a variety of discounts and special offers.