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October 11, 2014

Things to Consider When Storing Your RV

If you happen to enjoy the distinction of owning a recreational vehicle, for the pleasure of your family and friends, you should also surely study how you would store it for most of the time when it is not in use. Recreational vehicles or RV, as you would refer to them in short, serve a diverse range of needs, including extended vacations or long drawn out sightseeing tours, or just a simple holiday to make up for lost time with your wife and children. Some use it at every possible opportunity, whereas others use it only occasionally, when the chance presents itself. Most of those who have invested in a recreational vehicle are unaware of the constraints they pose in terms of storage, when not in use.

The Best Options
The matter of RV storage and its many facets needs careful consideration for several reasons, among which are:
• The RV itself is expensive
• The choice of the facility often reflects your own personality
• You cannot afford to compromise security and maintenance for cost
• Sometimes, you will appreciate that prudence is the better part of valor
You would rather find a permanent fix to your leaking roof than undertaking to replace the cover incessantly
• Long term leases always offer better deals and insure you against unscheduled price hikes
• You can also opt for additional benefits offered at some minimal cost, and save handsomely in the long run
Some important aspects of RV Storage
RV Storage, or Recreational Vehicle Storage takes on important overtones, irrespective of whether your vehicle belongs to any of the three categories that make up this group, travel trailers, motor homes or the truck campers.

Consider the Following:
• Check regularly for motor efficiency and maintenance
• Periodic vehicle inspection is important during the storage period and especially so in the winters.
• Consider offers of storage facilities from professional RV storage facilities
• For the additional care required for RV Storage, seek expert advice
• Conduct your due diligence, vet the websites of RV storage companies, verify with colleagues and friends that may also have a RV and select the one that you feel will best suit your needs
• Think twice about opting for a storage space or garage that is not a specialized RV Storage facility
• Most dedicated RV storage facilities will let you have the master key to a set of combination locks
• They will desist from storing any other materials in your dedicated space
• Do not consider a higher rent as a reason for rejection of an excellent RV Storage facility.

Consider The Following Additional Benefits They May Have to Offer.
• 24X7 Strict surveillance backed by watertight security
• Excellent modern facilities buying you peace of mind at home
• 24 hours close circuit cameras recording every move in the facility
• The freedom to visit the facility whenever you want, irrespective of whether the facility is owned or rented by you
• Provision of login credentials to enter the facility

What you should consider before when looking for RV storage:
1. Calculate the area inside and outside for convenient parking and removal of your recreational vehicle
2. Check out for climate control facilities
3. Make sure that accessories of the RV, like its kitchen, bathroom and bedroom have dedicated storage spaces
4. For winter storage, obtain a list of what you should and not do, from the RV storage facility

You’ve spent a considerable amount of money on your RV, so taking the extra time to locate an RV storage site that best suits your needs, is definitely worth it!

Although Big Box Storage doesn’t offer RV storage, there are plenty of great RV storage facilities in San Diego. If you require personal self storage, we offer a best price guarantee and an unmatched storage solution that makes placing your items into storage, as easy as it gets!