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September 11, 2014

Storage Unit Packing tips

Filling a self storage unit, may seem like a simple task, but there are a few little tips that may help you out. If you’re considering renting a storage space, these simple tips will help you maximize your storage space, help you properly load your items into the storage unit, provide considerations for accessing items at a later date and provide tips as to what you should or should not store in a self storage locker.


Most people simply load their self storage units without consideration of items that they may need to access at a later date. In fact, most people use storage space because the items that are placed in storage are infrequently used around the house. But of course, we know how life goes, just when you pack it up and store it, you suddenly have a need for it.

If you have items that perhaps you may need to access, load them into the storage locker last, so they’re easily accessible in the locker.

Avoid Plastic

Plastic bags are durable and cheap and are a great alternative to boxes, especially for clothes. Well, although they may have other great uses, plastic bags aren’t so effective for use in storage lockers, especially for storing clothes. Plastic can trap moisture, which can then lead to mold. In many instances, the trapping of moisture occurs before any items are even loaded into the storage unit (moisture is trapped during the packing process).

Leave Space

It’s important to leave a little space between the items you stack into the storage unit and the walls of the storage space. This will ensure proper circulation of air and assist with keeping your items dry.

Use Labels

Labels are a great way of organizing your items. Remember, if you have to access any items at a later date, it’s best to have your self storage unit organized as much as possible. This will ensure a quick in and out, during the access period.

Items of Value

Whether you’re storing an item of great monetary value or an item of great sentimental value, those items of value, should be wrapped up. Wrapping items up that are most important to you, will ensure they look the same as they did before you loaded them into the storage unit. Goods can easily shift and fall if they’re not stacked properly.

Large Glass Items

When storing glass items such as mirrors or glass from a coffee table or dinning room table, always place the glass on it’s side as opposed to laying it flat. Further, avoid stacking any items on the glass. Following these tips should ensure your glass is safe.

Heavier items on the bottom

Another tip is to ensure that heavier items are on the bottom and the lighter items are stacked on top. This seems obvious, but it’s easy to forget this rule if you’re rushing to fill your storage locker.

So if you’re considering renting a self storage unit, follow those simple tips and your items should look the same going in as they do coming out.