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Storage in San Marcos, CA

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Posted on February 28, 2020

There is a lot of learning going on in San Marcos California. The city with a population of just under 100,000 has one of the highest concentrations of trade schools colleges and universities in San Diego county. In just under the 25 square miles that make up the town, you will find California State University San Marcos, California College San Diego, Palomar College, University of St. Augustine, and UEI trade college. If you visit Escondido’s eastern neighbor, you will surely see why thousands of students flock to the picturesque town. Sprawling open spaces and heaps of hiking opportunities abound to create a wonderful hub of industry, education, and community, and by recent census estimated more people than ever are settling down in San Marcos and calling it home.


With so many students and community members moving about and around the city, you could imagine the need for storage is pretty great. In fact, if we were to take an educated guess, we could assume that you, dear reader, are in the San Marcos California area or perhaps nearby and you might be finding yourself in need of storage. In this blog post, we hope to paint a clear picture of why Big Box Storage is not only your best option but in many cases also the cheapest (and most convenient option). You could consider this a case study, a deep dive, an insider look if you will on how portable storage works. By the end of this short read, you will be an informed consumer - well versed on the ins and outs of the storage industry.


Let us start with the differences between a traditional storage unit and a portable storage unit, like the one offered by Big Box Storage of San Diego. In the old days when you outgrew your four walls and needed more storage, your only option was to pack up all your items, load a transportation vehicle (like a moving truck) with everything that does not seem to have a place in your abode, and drive it yourself to a storage facility. Once there, you would need to pick a  storage unit. For the most part, the storage units are all very similar besides their size. Generally speaking, they are rooms in a building, separated with corrugated aluminum walls with a roll-up door (sometimes a door that swings out). They may all be on one level, but increasingly storage companies are building UP so you may find that there could be a considerable walking distance between where you can park your car and where your unit is. Now begins the task of unloading. If you have ever played Tetris (and you were any good at it) that might help you get everything loaded properly, but if not you may find that the unit that you thought was big enough is unfortunately too small. Now you need a bigger unit and you will have to empty EVERYTHING from your first one into the new one (and of course it is on the other side of the building).

Pause. Have you ever seen one of those commercials where it is all black and white and it shows someone seriously struggling with everyday tasks - to the point where everything is going wrong and then they give this exasperated face to the camera, like “why does everything have to be so hard?” and then it cuts to a full-color scene to sell you on the newest product that you HAVE to have that just makes life SO MUCH EASIER. Humblebrag… Portable storage is basically the better, full-color version of old-school traditional storage.


So let us reverse that same scenario a bit. Skip past the unloading and driving part all the way back to packing up your house. Now. Envision a simpler way. Instead of driving to your storage - have your storage come to you! It is the year 2020, after all. We have grocery delivery, Uber Eats, and they will even bring that legal green to your door! Why not have storage come to you as well? Big Box Storage has revolutionized portable storage in San Diego, unlike any other company in the area. They will bring a portable storage unit, called a “Big Box”, and deliver it right to your home. You load it up, and when you are done you can either keep it onsite (like a handy extra walk-in closet), or they can pick it up and bring it back to their centrally located facility for secure indoor storage. 


Real quick… Go back and count how many times you had to handle your items before they eventually got into the traditional storage unit - TOO MANY TIMES! Just load your keepsakes once and that is it! No hassle with driving to a truck rental facility (and wondering if it really WAS worth it to get their extra insurance even though that is part of the reason you got that credit card because it has free rental insurance when you use it). No extra manual labor with loading and unloading a moving truck. You will not have to ask your friends to help you move and bribe them with pizza and beer. You also will not have to feel guilty about knowing said friends would say yes because they are good people, but also knowing they really did not want to be moving things on a Saturday morning. Yes! That is right! Big Box Storage saves friendships too! <insert popped collar gif here>. 


Now for the deep dive. The guts and glamour of Big Box Storages pricing and unit info.


Each Big Box measures 8' x 5' x 7' (L x W x H exterior) (7’8” x 4’8” x 6’6” interior) and can typically hold about a room of household goods each. We always recommend overestimating your needs, meaning if you think 1 Big Box is enough, best to bring 2. You will only pay for what you actually end up using. So if we bring 2 Big Boxes and you get all your items into just 1, you will only be charged for one.


Our "Big Box" rental rate is just $89 per month. It drops to just $79 if you will be staying with us for at least one full year. Note that our rates are backed by a low price guarantee. If you can find a cheaper posted rate with any local competitor, we will match and beat that quote by at least 10%. Additionally, we also waive our initial delivery fee to a San Diego address (a $99 savings) with a three-month minimum stay. As you may have already noticed on our site, we also offer a $25 discount for scheduling online. If you plan on storing at our facility, when you are ready to have us return it, the delivery charge for a San Diego address would be $99 which includes both delivery and pickup. No additional fees. Your rental also comes with $500 of property protection. If you are storing higher value items we offer to increase the coverage to $5000 for $7, but it is optional and if you decide to increase the value you can take it off at any time.


Access is available every day of the week at our Miramar facility between the hours of 10am and 4pm. Simply provide two hours advanced notice by 2pm, and your Big Box(es) will be ready for you when you arrive at our facility. There is never a charge to access your storage.


Now let us dream for a moment and imagine that you have just finished obtaining your degree and you already got a job offer in Texas. Congratulations! Super happy for you… But what about your storage? Will you have to go through the arduous process of figuring out how to ship your goods halfway across the States? Of course not! We will do the heavy lifting for you! We have two ways to get the job done here at Big Box Storage - an economical option and a full-service (stress-free) option. Option 1: We can ship it to a freight facility where you can go and unload your items. This is the cheapest way possible, but it does require you to pick up the items from the facility with your own truck. OR Option 2: We can ship your Big Boxes to a licensed, insured and bonded mover who can receive them and get the contents delivered and unloaded into your home for you (labor and travel included). So easy!


So let us recap all the reasons Big Box Storage is simply the best:

  • Guaranteed Lowest Price
  • Delivery to your door anywhere in San Diego
  • Access 7 days a week
  • Saves time and money 
  • Ship long distance
  • Reduces back pain and friend strain
  • Increase happiness

Ok, those last two were speculations, but we have heard it time and time again with our customers. At the end of the day, our main priority and goal is to make sure you are a satisfied customer. But do not take our word for it. Just ask your friends and neighbors or check out our hundreds of 5-star reviews.  We have a feeling you might join them in the ranks of thrilled folks who like things cheap and easy (but in such a good way). 


Whether you find yourself needing storage on a temporary basis or long-term, local or long distance, we hope you will consider Big Box Storage. Call today to speak to a representative and get your reservation set up today!