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February 18, 2013

Storage Reviews from Yelp

Hey Yelp users! Looking for storage? Give Big Box Storage a try!

Welcome back to another installment of the weekly Big Box Storage blog. This week, as you can tell, we are focusing on our friends that use the fun service Yelp and what kind of storage deals and options you have at Big Box Storage. Sweet!

Happy President’s Day weekend. Hope you had a chance to get out there an enjoy some of this amazing sunshine we have had the last few days. Now, let’s talk Yelp and storage rates. If you don’t know, Yelp is a customer driven service where Yelpers can write reviews and rate their favorite businesses based on past experiences. We are big fans of Yelp because the storage business benefits greatly from word of mouth experience. See if this sounds familiar “We are finally getting that new place we always wanted, but where are we going to store all of our stuff while going through escrow? Call Tammy and ask her what the name of that company was that she used for her move. Big Box or something?” With Yelp, people can hop online and see past reviews from their friends about businesses that they have worked with. Here at Big Box Storage we strive hard to be our very best with each and every one of our customers. We give you the costs up front, with no hidden fees. And we try to make the process of portable storage as easy and hassle free for our customers as possible. We even have a great offer for those that find us on Yelp. The next time you need storage, check out our reviews and make use of this offer.

“Welcome Yelp guests! Looking for storage space? Big Box Storage of San Diego is pleased to offer you a $50 discount toward your first month’s rent. Have a “Big Box” storage unit delivered to your address, load it at your leisure, and it’ll then be picked up for secure, accessible, indoor storing at the company’s local facilities. Additionally, store for a minimum of three months and receive FREE DELIVERY AND PICK UP (savings of $99).”