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January 2, 2020

Storage in Oceanside

Oceanside California. Home of Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, beautiful beaches, and a wooden pier that’s as historic as the quaint New England-style harbor and charming bungalow neighborhoods that make up “O’side”.

Whether you find yourself in Oceanside on a temporary basis, or you’ve settled down and you call 92054 home (or, of course, 92056 and 92057), then chances are you’ve found yourself reading this blog because you need storage in Oceanside. The digital ones and zeros that represent the knowledge you see here holds everything you need to know about storage in Oceanside.

Types of storage
There are 2 main types of storage available in Oceanside: walk-in units and portable units.

Walk-in storage units, also known as standard or traditional storage are those typically found under monikers such as “mini storage” “self-storage” or “moving and storage. With these types of storages, typically you’ll find units available for short terming renting (which typically caters to those looking for month to month storage options, but long term contracts are available as well). The units are typically available for both personal and business use, but it is worth the mention that almost every jurisdiction, Oceanside included, does not allow storage units to be used as domiciles.

Portable storage on the other hand (sometimes also referred to as mobile storage or containerized storage) is a service in which a storage unit is delivered to the customer’s home or business address. The customer is then able to load the container at their convenience. Once the loading process has been completed, the units can either be stored onsite at their address or they can have the portable storage company return to pick up the container for storing at the company’s facility. In some cases, such as that offered by Big Box Storage in Oceanside, secure, indoor storing is available, whereas in other cases, the company may just offer a piece of land (such as a parking lot) on which to store the container outdoors. For those storing their container at the company’s facility, they should inquire as to whether the container will be stored inside or outdoors and they should also ask if they will be able to access their container. While most portable storage companies allow customers to access, some require advance notice from as much as two days prior to as little as two hours.

Now that you know what types of storage there are when choosing which unit to go with, consider the L.A.P.S. = Location Accessibility Price and Security.


You could take a map of Oceanside, throw a dart and land within a couple of blocks of a traditional storage facility such as A1 Storage, Extra Space Storage, Security Public Storage, or CubeSmart Self Storage.

Renting a self-storage unit in Oceanside means that you typically will also need to rent a truck (unless you can borrow one or you already have one), load it with the contents destined for storage, and then drive to the facility. Once there, the truck is unloaded and the various items are placed into the rented storage unit. Once done, the truck is then returned to the truck rental company. Once the point is reached when the storage unit is no longer needed, the process is repeated in reverse. You’ll need to drive to the truck rental company, rent the truck, drive back to the self-storage facility, load the truck, drive to your home (or your destination address), unload the truck, drive back to truck rental company, and finally clean out and return the truck.

As a footnote, some self-storage companies in Oceanside do offer free use of a truck to transport your items when renting a unit from them. This would obviously save the time and cost of having to rent a truck. Note that in such situations, with the vast majority of these companies, the truck is not available for those looking to vacate their unit and transport their items back to their home (or elsewhere). Basically, it’s only available for the move-in process.

Alternatively, with portable storage units, your home address is the location! Portable storage is indisputably the most convenient option in almost all scenarios. The only time in which self-storage might possibly prove to be more convenient is for those customers that are seeking to gain access to their unit on a 24 hours basis and don’t happen to live close by to the portable storage facility.

Even if the scenario provides for the self-storage facility offering the renter the use of a free truck during the move-in, opting for a portable storage unit would still allow the renter to avoid having to drive to the self-storage facility to pick up the truck, drive back to their residence, load the truck, drive back to the self-storage company, and then drive back home. The driving time alone would likely be a couple of hours or more unless the renter happens to live very close to the self-storage facility. As such, being able to load the storage unit right at your home (or business) instead of having to go to a storage facility, clearly makes for a convenient move-in. Unloading a portable storage unit at the conclusion of your storage rental period is just as convenient as the unit is redelivered back to your address where you can unload it at your leisure.


Typically you may find that unmanned storage facilities have 24/7 access hours since they don’t require an employee’s physical presence to allow access to the customer. Should the customer have a need to access their Big Box while in storage, they have the option of having the Big Box redelivered back to their address or they can visit the company’s facility any day of the week. The address of the Big Box Storage facility is 7077 Consolidated Way, San Diego, CA 92121.


As any local storage sleuth that has done their homework knows, storage rental rates can vary quite substantially throughout Oceanside. Just know that if you are comparing rates to other areas of San Diego, land values naturally tend to increase as one gets closer to the coast, so you may find that anything available in Oceanside may be more expensive than storage available in El Cajon. Beyond being close to the coast, there are several other factors that play a role in the storage rental rates offered by the different facilities. These include the different rates offered by competitors in the surrounding area, the perceived condition of the facility including its physical location within the compound (1st floor vs 3rd floor, how close the unit is to any available elevators if there are any), staffing levels, commitment to security (as addressed below), advertising/marketing costs, the current demand for storage services in Oceanside (it tends to be seasonal, in general), perceived affordability/purchasing power of the customers in the area, as well as the company’s desired gross profit margin. One could say this is not an exhaustive list but certainly covers the primary factors.

As of the date of this blog post. the rental rates offered by Big Box Storage in Oceanside vary only slightly depending upon the amount of time the customer plans to rent for. For those interested in renting for at least twelve months, the rental rate is just $79 per month (a discount of $10 off the company’s standard $89 monthly rate). Big Box Storage also waives its initial $99 delivery fee for those interested in renting for at least three months. This savings provides for the delivery of the empty Big Box(es) to the customer’s address as well as the return to pick up the Big Box(es) once the customer is done loading of it/them. Please note that the rates are also backed by a low-price guarantee, which ensures that the customer will receive a rate that is at least 10% less than the published rate of any other competitor storage company. Additionally, should the customer wish to schedule the delivery of their Big Box through the company’s site, they would also receive a $25 discount which would be applied directly towards the first month’s rent.

Those who tend to look for the lowest price should certainly shop around and check the different rental rates being offered in their area. Ultimately a decision on a rental unit might come down to value over price. Feel free to ask a Big Box Storage representative about any remaining questions you might have on the topic.


While it’s recognized that break-ins and incidences of theft can and do happen, these events are typically not common occurrences at storage facilities nationwide. The majority of such losses are related, either directly or indirectly, to an existing or previous customer of the particular storage company. For example, a customer is inside the facility and they notice another unit that happens to be unlocked. After looking around to see if anyone is nearby (or if any cameras are monitoring the area), the urge to open the door overcomes them and they then steal some/all of the contents of the unit. With Big Box Storage, customers don’t access their units inside the area where the units are actually stored. Instead, whenever a customer wants to access their unit, it is placed into the access area which allows the customer to drive right up to it. Once they’re done with the access, the warehouse team then places it back into the secure storage facility. This process, in and of itself, is a significant barrier against occurrences of theft as it ensures that the individuals within the vicinity of the rented storage unit are primarily company employees. Beyond that, Big Box Storage also has a wide array of additional security measures including motion sensors, video cameras, and on-site staffing seven days a week.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, we’ve listed out all the main reasons why you should choose Big Box Storage in Oceanside for your portable storage needs. We’ve got the guaranteed lowest rate for portable storage, we come to you, and not to toot our own horn but Big Box Storage was named one of Expertise 2019 Best Storage Units in San Diego. Give us a call and set up your reservation today!