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January 14, 2020

Storage in Downtown San Diego

Living in zip code 92101 Ð or more commonly known as downtown San Diego, California – has changed dramatically over the last fifteen years. One of the main impetuses behind the massive changes seems to be the opening of the Horton Plaza shopping complex back in 1985. Around that same time, the Center City Development Corporation was also created with a renewed focus on the redevelopment of San Diego’s downtown neighborhoods. Their efforts quickly led to an overhaul of the Gaslamp Quarter (more commonly referred to as the Gaslamp District by local San Diegans). Previously a red-light district from Broadway to Harbor Drive (in between 4th and 6th Avenues), it’s now filled with fine eating establishments, a few art galleries, and retail shops.

East Village, with a current population of over 10,000, as well has literally been transformed into a thriving residential community driven by the opening of the Padres home field, Petco Park, in 2004. Although certainly facing a significant homeless problem, East Village also has its share of upscale shops and restaurants, as well as calling itself home to the San Diego’s new central library. Despite the commercial presence, East Village is primarily a residential neighborhood.

In the northwest area of downtown San Diego is Little Italy. Once primarily a working-class fishing village filled with Italian and Portuguese residents, it’s since become quite gentrified over the last couple of decades. India Street, the main corridor through Little Italy, is dotted with restaurants, antique stores, and galleries. The surrounding streets are mainly comprised of high-rise and mid-rise condo complexes.

Living in a downtown setting, such as that offered by San Diego’s, offers numerous lifestyle perks. Walkability, which is the measurement of how friendly a neighborhood is for walking, is a significant benefit. The ability to just walk to a local grocery store, restaurant, bank, etc. is a major plus for many San Diegans. The wonderful views, especially of the bay, Point Loma, and the Coronado Bridge, are also nice added features.

The positives aside, living in downtown San Diego usually comes with one notable sacrifice Ð space. The vast majority of the homes in the area are condominiums and apartments as opposed to houses. These condos and apartments are obviously quite smaller than houses – with a condo averaging approx. 1,100 square feet as compared to well over double that size for a house. Factoring into the overall size of the unit, the general size of each room is naturally smaller. Additionally, the decreased size and number of closets is a factor as well as the availability of storage-related areas such as garages and basements. The lack of available outside areas that can be utilized for storage, such as patios and storage sheds, is also worth noting. While residents often move into downtown knowing that their home will be smaller, many do not give enough thought to the supplementary space that is needed for the storage of the belongings.

To address this lack of space, especially storage space, downtown residents often turn to local storage companies. Over the last decade, as mentioned, downtown San Diego has certainly seen a substantial increase in both residential and commercial residents. Along with this population growth has come the increasing need for storage services in downtown San Diego.

If you’re looking for an actual self-storage facility in downtown San Diego, your options are still somewhat limited. Here are several facilities Ð each of which are located in the 92101 zip code:

In the Ballpark area of downtown San Diego is, appropriately named, Ballpark Self Storage, which is located at 611 Island Ave, San Diego, CA 92101. Their website also refers to their company as StaxUp Storage. They are currently, as of the week of this post, offering an 8′ x 5′ (40 square feet) interior unit with elevator accessibility for a rate of $118 per month. This facility is very centrally located and is basically surrounded by various bars, restaurants, hotels, and several condo complexes. It borders the above-mentioned Gaslamp District.

In East Village, national storage company Public Storage, can be found at 560 16th Street, San Diego, CA 92101. They are presently (as of the week of this post) offering a 5′ x 5′ (25 square feet) interior unit with elevator accessibility for a rate of $79 per month. The neighborhood surrounding this facility is known to have a very serious homeless issue.

Near Little Italy, one can find A-1 Self Storage at 2235 Pacific Hwy, San Diego, CA 92101. They are offering (again, as of the week of this post) a 4′ x 10′ (40 square feet) interior unit with elevator accessibility for a rate of $85 per month. As mentioned above, Little Italy is a busting, growing neighborhood and the homeless issue isn’t nearly as bad as it is in other areas of downtown San Diego.

For those willing to go slightly beyond the downtown area, there are several other nearby self-storage centers such as those noted below:

Storage Etc. Has a facility located at 2150 Hancock St, San Diego, CA 92110 which is close to Mission Hills as well as the Midway District. This facility is currently offering a 4′ x 10′ (40 square feet) ground level unit for a rate of $107 per month. While it’s not located in 92101, this facility is quite close to the northern part of downtown.

Another A-1 Storage facility can be found at 3911 Pacific Hwy, San Diego, CA 92110 (also close to Mission Hills and the Midway District). A 4′ x 10” (40 square feet) here is currently being offered by them at a rate of $95 per month. While their website does not note which floor the unit is on, it does state that “easy elevator access” is available.

In the City Heights area (a few miles from downtown), Extra Space Storage has a facility at 3808 Cedar St, San Diego, CA 92105. They’re offering an indoor 5′ x 10′ unit (50 square feet) with stair access for a rate of $80 per month.

In Point Loma (five or six miles northwest of downtown) is Rocket Self Storage, which can be found at 5135 North Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92106. This facility is offering a 10′ x 5′ (50 square feet) interior unit with drive-up access for a rate of $249 per month.

Finally, Pacific Highway Storage, located in the Midway District, is located at 4350 Pacific Hwy, San Diego, CA 92110. An indoor 5′ x 8′ (40 square feet) unit here is currently being offered at a rate of $93 per month.

Of course, those seeking storage options in downtown San Diego are not limited to just self-storage. An alternate, more convenient, solution is portable storage. There are several portable storage companies that service the downtown San Diego area including Big Box Storage. Opting for this service, allows the customer to have the storage unit delivered to their downtown condo, apartment, or business. Upon delivery, the customer then loads the unit after which it is then picked up for storing within the company’s storage facility. Clearly the ability to avoid having to rent a truck, load it at your downtown address, and then unload it at the facility is a significant time (and cost) saver. This is especially the case downtown where it can be difficult to even to find a parking space for your rented truck.

Regarding rates, Big Box Storage provides, as of the date of this post, an 8′ x 5′ (40 square feet) for $74 per month ($64 should the customer be looking to commit to a twelve month minimum term). Multiple units (or “Big Boxes”) can be delivered if additional storage space is needed. Generally speaking, each Big Box is able to hold the equivalent of one to two rooms of contents.

Most downtown residents that select Big Box Storage have either one or two Big Boxes delivered. However, as also mentioned elsewhere on the site, customers are only charged for the number of Big Boxes that they actually use Ð not necessarily the number delivered. As such, if the customer is questioning between one and two Big Boxes, for example, it’s always best to overestimate and opt for to have the second Big Box delivered as well.

Delivery of a Big Box to downtown addresses can be accommodated using the particular loading area, docks, and/or spaces provided by the storage renter’s downtown building. The delivery fee, which covers the delivery of the empty Big Box as well the return its pickup, is waived with a three-month minimum storage term (otherwise, it runs $99).

Beyond the above-mentioned self-storage and portable storage options, some space seekers might be fortunate enough to have a friend or family member with an available garage or closet.

If you’re among the thousands of residents that call downtown San Diego home and you’re looking for some additional space, consider the above options. Beyond the brief overviews provided, it’s encouraged that you do so additional research into your preferred providers to determine the best solution you’re your particular needs. Some items to consider, aside from location and rates, include security at the facility and access hours. Storage in downtown San Diego certainly doesn’t have to be a challenge or a hassle. Should you have any questions regarding the matter, please feel free to speak with a Big Box Storage representative. They can be reached at 619-436-5020.