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January 31, 2020

Storage Container Rental Rates

Think back to your last big purchase.

Chances are you took some time to research the available options and locations where you could buy from. You more than likely read reviews and painstakingly combed through different listings until you found just the *right* one. Maybe from there, you have asked some friends, family or neighbors to get their take on which direction to move forward. All these things are natural steps one might take to get the biggest discount or the best deal possible or maybe just the satisfaction of money well spent.

It’s simple really when you break it down. An informed consumer makes better buying decisions and has more confidence in their decisions than their uninformed counterparts.

Now, you might not think of all those steps when researching a storage company, and you may be tempted to “go with what you know”, but hopefully by the end of this blog post, we will successfully broaden your horizons and show you a better way to do storage. The scope of this installation of insightful knowledge will be focused on storage container rental rates.

In San Diego alone, a simple google search will result in over 200 facilities all throughout the county. These options will range from traditional storage facilities that offer various sized rooms in a building, portable storage companies that have units delivered directly to your address, or even wine, RV, and boat storages. Equally as expansive are the storage container rental rates for the aforementioned services.

So let’s break down the storage container rental rates that might be available to you in San Diego.

When looking at traditional storage facilities you’ll find names such as Extra Space Storage, UHaul Storage, Public Storage, Price Self Storage, Cube Smart Self Storage, and A1 Self Storage, just to name a few. Units at these facilities are all of the traditional variety where they are typically located within a building or warehouse facility with either a manned or unmanned security post, and sometimes have a digital keypad for after-hours entry. These facilities are commonly known for 24-hour access availability, and their units are located either outside or inside with some of them accessible only by elevator or stairs. Keep in mind, storage container rental rates at these facilities are on a sliding scale where more amenities are in direct correlation with more money. For instance, you can find a storage unit in a traditional facility in Chula Vista for about $40, but that unit will more than likely be on the 2nd floor of the building farthest away from the stairs. Envision the trek from your vehicle, up the stairs to your storage unit (after you’ve already loaded up a rental moving truck), then unload the items with a sweaty furrowed brow and an achy breaky back that reminds you of Billy Ray Cyrus. For most, that visual imagery is enough to seek an alternative. At that same facility, one might find the exact same sized unit located on the bottom floor with direct vehicle access for as much as $80. Or for the exact same dimensions, one could find a unit in downtown San Diego that could go for as much as $95 per month. And those rates are not locked in; each month you are there you run the risk of the facility increasing the rate of your unit until you simply can not afford to stay there as long as you might have hoped. Some facilities offer a truck that you can use for free to move in, but read the fine print! When it comes time to take your items out you will need to find your own way. You might think that those prices are the final price that you would pay at a traditional facility, but to that, we must let you down (gently we hope). You have not stopped to think about all the other extras that can add up! Did you forget about that truck rental that you needed to get your items there? How about your time? How much might that be worth to you?

Side note: I had a friend once that picked me up and drove us to a Padres game downtown. We looked around for parking for just a very brief moment, then he gave up and went to the first valet lot he could find. I told him that I did not mind driving around to try and find street parking.

I’ve never forgotten his response. He asked how much I get paid an hour. A question that I certainly was not expecting him to ask. He went on to explain that we could drive around and look for parking that may be many blocks away, then have to walk to the ballpark, but all that was not worth an hour of his pay to him. He would much rather pay a little extra to save his TIME and have the added perk of being close to the ballpark and more TIME to be with friends. Moral of the story: Never forget the value of your time. I digress…

If your head is spinning from all the options and caveats you certainly are not alone.

For years, consumers craved an easier option. A cheaper option. Enter: Big Box Storage.

Big Box Storage is a portable storage company serving all of San Diego county that offers transportation and delivery of your own unit right to your home or business for onsite loading, then once you are down, we will come back and pick up the container for storage in our indoor warehouse located in central San Diego.

Our rental rates have now changed much in the 17 years (as of the publish date of this blog). If you plan to just use of services on a month to month basis, our rate is $89 per month per Big Box. If you plan to stick around for at least 12 months, our rental rate drops down to $79 per month per Big Box. Currently, we have a great promotion running where if you commit to at least 3 months of storage with Big Box, we will waive your initial delivery and pickup fee within San Diego. That is a $99 savings and covers the delivery and the return back to you once you are done with your storage units.

Here is the best part: Big Box Storage is guaranteed to be the lowest priced option for portable storage services in San Diego. You read that right. GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICE. No need to call around to every company in San Diego and get the runaround. We’ve done the leg work for you and we put our money where our mouth is. If you can find a portable storage company with posted rates lower than ours, we will match and beat their rate by at least 10%!

The savings do not stop there! With Big Box Storage there will be no need to rent a moving truck, which saves money. Were you going to ask Kyle with the Ford F-150 to use his truck instead? Oh, you were going to offer him beer and pizza for his help. WRONG! Pro Tip: No one likes to help you move your stuff! Sure they’ll do it ‘cuz they love you, but in the back of their mind they’re thinking, “This sucks! This sucks! This sucks!” all the way down your staircase with you elliptical that you HAD to put on the 2nd floor. Also, think of how many times you actually have to move your stuff when loading a truck. You’ve got to pick it up from your house, load it into the truck, rearrange it in there to make it all fit. Then you will need to drive it to where it is going and do everything in reverse! Unload the truck, arrange it within your unit, and then STILL have to return the truck once you are down. Let me tell you. That is for the birds!

By simply using Big Box Storage, you will save time by loading your unit just once at your home address, and we will come back and pick it up for secure storage. No hassle with driving your items to the storage unit which also saves gas too! Not to mention, you’ll save your back AND your friendships too.

So let’s wrap it up. No matter what you are looking to store; whether it is Christmas presents, Halloween Decorations, Beach supplies, clothes that maybe one day you might be able to fit back into but you certainly do not want to throw away because maybe that jean jacket will come back into fashion, storage in San Diego can be expensive, but when you choose Big Box Storage you can rest assured that you have received the best rate for portable storage in all of San Diego (guaranteed). You will also sleep easy knowing there is not a single other option for storage that gets any easier. You will save time, money, stress, and friendships (and maybe a few less gray hairs).