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September 8, 2013

Storage Billboards in La Mesa

Looking for storage in La Mesa? Call Big Box Storage today! Big Box Storage offers same day delivery, with door to door convenience, and a low price. If you need storage in the La Mesa area, give Big Box Storage a call at 619-436-5020.

We’ve got billboards! One of the fun aspects of marketing and promoting a company is being able to see your various marketing methods in action around town. I’m sure it’s not the same working for an impersonal Fortune 1000 company and seeing a billboard for the company you work for, but here at Big Box Storage we are locally owned and operated and our staff is very proud of our company. So seeing new billboards around town puts a smile on our faces. We currently have two billboards up in the La Mesa area Ð one on El Cajon Blvd. and on along Highway 8 in La Mesa.

And is other news . . . the NFL is back Ð go Chargers! Football season is starting in full effect this weekend, and none too soon! We’ve also been dealing with this heat wave like everyone else and cannot wait for the Fall chill to start settling in on our late summer evenings.