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August 19, 2013

Solana Beach Residents Seeking Additional Space

Hello Big Box Storage fans! This week we are focusing on storage in the Solana Beach area! Solana Beach is a gorgeous community in San Diego located 30 minutes north of Downtown San Diego. Solana Beach is currently a hot spot in town with the Del Mar Races ongoing just a few blocks south at the race track. As the Summer season starts to wind down and the Summer events at the Fairgrounds like the Races and The Fair (which has ended) winding down, folks that have been living in the area temporarily for the Summer season will need storage for when they move on. Big Box Storage is here for you!

As we write this week’s blog, August is more than half over. Many families are either preparing or have already started going back to school. In fact if you are a college student attending San Diego State University, the Fall Semester starts August 26th! When did “Back to School” start so early? For all of you college freshman looking forward to living in the dorms for the first time, think ahead to when this school year ends and you will need to leave the dorms. Keep Big Box Storage in your mind, because all of our boxes fit approximately a room and half worth’s of storage. The furniture in a dorm room will easily fit into just one of our Big box Storage containers. So don’t worry about shipping your stuff from the mid-west back and forth when you attend school in San Diego. Order a Big Box and keep it all here. The beauty of portable storage like ours is that we deliver your storage to you. That’s right. We come to you. And once you graduate from college and have plans to move home or anywhere else in the US, we can then deliver your storage to you nationwide. Wow!

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