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March 10, 2017

Setting up a reservation: What will I need to know? Part 2


Next, what is your timeline? Before setting up your reservation, be thinking about how long you might need to rent a Big Box for. We often have different promotions depending on the length of time you’ll be needing, so it’s fairly important to know your end game to get the best possible rate. Not sure how long you might need? Sounds like our month to month option might be best. Once you’ve nailed that down, when would you like us to deliver the box? Keep in mind, we do ask that you be present for delivery so you can show the driver exactly where you would like the box to be placed.

Rounding the finish line, and perhaps the most important detail we need for your reservation is….the address. Although it may seem apparent, a sizeable chunk of potential renters aren’t sure exactly where their new address is located. In order to get your reservation placed we do require the actual address for delivery, so take a second to jot that down once you have the address. You’ll thank yourself for having it handy when you need to update your information with other companies.

Finally, thinking ahead to packing your box, what supplies will you need? The right tools make every job 100x easier, so be thinking about how many cardboard boxes you might need, or how much utility cord it might take to tie down the contents. Whatever the need, Big Box Storage has you covered from padlocks to packing tape. Just ask a friendly customer service representative for more details.

TL/DR: Making a reservation doesn’t get any easier when you know a few details before you call.
How many boxes you think you need
How long you need storage for?
When would you like your Big Box delivered and picked up?
What is the address for delivery?

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