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March 3, 2017

Setting up a reservation: What will I need to know? Part 1

When we get the opportunity to talk with new customers on the phone, one of the most common themes we hear across the board is stress. Stressed out about a move, a lengthy renovation, or a sudden new job that takes them out of state. Whatever the reason may be, it doesn’t take much to send those cortisol levels through the roof and leave you feeling stressed to the max. Thankfully, by the end of our interaction, they only thing our customers feel is RELIEF.

Here at Big Box Storage, we help take the guess work out of portable storage and know the right questions to ask to get you the best rate and the right amount of boxes. But we wanted to make it EVEN EASIER for potential customers to get started with this blog post dedicated to everything you need to know before making a reservation.

First up, how much do you have? Our boxes are all identical in size. The fortified wood containers measure in at 8′ deep, 5′ wide, and 7′ tall, each typically holding a room to a room and a half of common household items. If numbers aren’t your forte, check out our Storage Space Estimator located on our website – a ridiculously easy-to-use tool that allows you to punch in everything you’ll need to load up and it estimates how many boxes you might need. Great for reminding you of those out of sight/out of mind items that need to get stored. And if that wasn’t enough to ensure your perfect fit, we have the best deal of the industry – you’ll only be charged for how many boxes you actually use. So if you guessed 3 boxes, but get everything in 2, there’s no charge for that 3rd box. Risk-free guarantee!

Stay tuned next week for part 2!