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February 14, 2020

SDSU Storage Units

Sorry, students. Like most colleges and universities, San Diego State University does not offer any free storage units for students over the summer break (or at any other point of the year). This is a response we (the staff here at Big Box Storage) have provided multiple times to inquisitive SDSU students who have contacted us regarding the matter over the years. For some reason (maybe a rumor?), many students felt as though it was possibly included as part of their tuition. In any event, this isn’t the case.

So what’s an SDSU student to do with their household belongings over the summer months? Maybe they’re traveling abroad or just heading back to their hometown for the break and are in need of some temporary, short-term, extra space. There are plenty of options to select from some more economical and convenient than others. In an ideal world, a nearby San Diego family member or friend would have some suitable space available in their garage. Even better would be a scenario in which they owned a truck large enough for the transport of your belongings to their garage. Of course, if we’re still in an ideal world, they would also be able to assist with the labor needed to load and then unload the truck. This perfect scenario aside, let’s take a look at some of the other storage unit options available to SDSU students.

Nearby SDSU Self-Storage Facilities

Within a radius of approximately three miles of the SDSU campus (5500 Campanile Dr, San Diego, CA 92182) and within the surrounding area zip codes 92115, 91942, 91941, 92120, and 92119 are the following self-storage facilities. Note that this isn’t intended to be a recommendation of any of the particular facilities, merely a listing of some of the storage unit companies within the nearby SDSU area.

  • A-1 Storage is located at 4680 Alvarado Canyon Rd, San Diego, CA 92120 which is approx. two miles from the SDSU campus. As of the week of this blog post, this facility is offering an 8′ x 5′ ft (40 square feet) unit with ground-level access for $109 per month.
  • Mission Valley Self-Storage is located at 4437 Twain Ave, San Diego, CA 92120 which is approx. three miles from the SDSU campus. As of the week of this blog post, this facility is offering an 8′ x 5′ ft (40 square feet) unit on the ground level (along a hallway) for $105 per month.
  • Rocket Self Storage is located at 4920 70th St, San Diego, CA 92115 which is approx. two miles from the SDSU campus. As of the week of this blog post, we were not able to view any rates on Rocket’s website. You’ll need to call them for additional pricing info.
  • All-American Self Storage is located at 6225 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115 which is approx. two miles from the SDSU campus. As of the week of this blog post, this facility is offering an 8′ x 5′ ft (40 square feet) unit inside on the main level (along a hallway) for $114 per month.

Aside from the above self-storage options, SDSU students would also be wise to consider the portable storage services of Big Box Storage of San Diego. The service basically is one in which the storage unit is dropped off at the student’s home, dorm, or apartment address in the SDSU area. The student then packs and loads their items into the storage unit (AKA Big Box) and the Big Box is then picked up for secure, accessible storage in the company’s local storage facility. Should the student ever need to access their items while in storage, they can do so seven days a week (without any charge to do so).

In terms of dimensions, all of the Big Boxes are the same size with each one measuring 8 feet deep by 5 feet wide by 7 feet tall. Generally, each one will hold the contents of up to one and a half rooms. Each one also has a weight limit of 2,000 lbs., which is generally quite sufficient for the needs of an SDSU student. Based on our prior experiences with college students (whether it’s SDSU, UCSD, USD, Point Loma Nazarene, or any of the other San Diego colleges or universities), one Big Box is typically quite sufficient, although multiple ones can always be delivered if f more space is desired.

Regarding cost, the monthly rental rate is just $89 for a Big Box. It’s a rate that is backed by a low-price guarantee whereby we’ll gladly beat any competitor’s rate by at least 10%. We’re also pleased to note that Big Box Storage is offering a $50 discount specifically for SDSU students. While the details can be found on the particular storage promotion page, it provides a $50 discount on the first month’s storage rent. Additionally, with a three-month minimum storage commitment, the $99 delivery fee, which covers the delivery of the empty Big Box as well as the return to pick it up full, is completely waived. As both of these promotions can be combined, the total savings are $149.

Storage Tips for SDSU Students

Regardless of whether it’s self-storage or portable storage, once you’ve decided on the best storage solution, please consider some of the below helpful tips geared specifically for college students seeking to rent a storage unit:

Packing Supplies – As you load your storage unit, you’ll likely need some packing supplies. Maybe you need some cardboard boxes for some clothes or books, maybe some bubble wrap for your television. Fortunately, the storage company will likely have a variety of such supplies for purchase. In the case of Big Box Storage, the supplies can be delivered to you at the time of the Big Box delivery.

The Day Prior – Decide in advance what will be needed to continue using in your dorm or apartment on the final day/night before the loading of the storage unit. Maybe a mattress, certainly some clothes, some kitchenware, along with anything else you’ll be keeping with you.

Donate – While parceling through which of your household items are to be placed into the actual storage unit, it would also be a great time to set aside any items that are no longer needed or wanted. Consider donating these items to a non-profit such as Goodwill or, more specifically to San Diego, Father Joe’s.

Make an Inventory List – With the realization that you might need to access your storage unit at some point during the storage term, it will be beneficial to make a list of all of the goods that are to be placed into the storage unit. It will also help should you ever have a question or doubt as to whether a particular piece was stored or not. Finally, when it comes time to unload the unit, you’ll likely have a much easier time deciding where to place certain items.

Labels on Boxes – Beyond the above inventory list, it is also a good idea to place labels on each box being placed into the storage unit. This will certainly help to make this make the unloading process easier as you’ll be ale to quickly identify the contents of each box.

Cleaning Your Stuffâ – It’s always best to first thoroughly clean all of the items to be placed into the storage unit. Doing so will make for a smooth transition when the time comes to unload the unit into your new home or address.

Labor – As mentioned above, the most economical way to go about loading and packing a storage unit is to do it yourself or enlist the help of willing friends and family. However, as friends and family members are not always readily available and considering the items being stored might be too heavy for one person, you might need to hire a moving company to help pack the unit. As many SDSU students begin their storage rental to coincide with their summer break (more specifically, usually in the month of May), it’s important to decide on a moving company, if necessary, early on in the process as the spring and summer months are usually peak season for those companies.

Truck Rental – If you’re going to be handling the labor yourself (or with friends and family), you might need to rent a truck for the transport back and forth between the storage facility and your address. Of course, this won’t be an issue if you decide to go with a portable storage company, such as Big Box Storage, as they deliver the storage unit to you at your address. However, if you do need to rent a truck, consider the costs in advance and, if feasible, reserve the truck in advance as well.

Maximizing Space – Load the larger, heavier items into the storage unit first. Items like beds, sofas, tables, and nightstands should be among the first items to be placed into the storage unit. This will provide a more stable base for your stored contents and will also enable you to load more things on top of the larger ones.

Avoiding Mildew – It’s important to avoid placing any wet or even damp items into your storage unit. Be cautious if you happen to be moving your items into the unit on rainy days as even a slight amount of moisture on the ingoing contents can have a residual impact. Additionally, using plastic bags to hold items, such as clothing, can also attract excess moisture, mildew, and/or mold. Ideally avoid this practice, opting instead for cardboard boxes, if possible.

What Not to Store – Be careful when loading your storage unit. Every storage company near SDSU (as well as around the country) is going to have restrictions on what can and can not be stored within their units. As for what can’t be stored, their list will likely include some or all of the following: perishables, toxic materials, paint, flammables, guns, and ammunition.

So SDSU students, do your homework (no pun intended) when deciding upon a storage provider. As mentioned, on behalf of the entire staff at Big Box Storage, we’d certainly welcome the opportunity to assist with any storage needs that may come along for you.