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February 25, 2021

The Scoop On Storage In Escondido California

What do an electrician, healthcare worker, ranch hand, and car salesman all have in common?

They all probably have too much stuff! It is a common situation that many people find themselves in. We go through life picking up things here and there that, no matter how much we want to, we just can not part ways. That could be a vintage vinyl record collection, tax documents that need to be kept, or all those clothes that fit pre-pandemic that are just a bit too snug these days (“I will fit in those jeans again!”). Whatever the “stuff”, there is a solution for the all-too-common question: Where do I put it?

Answer: In a Big Box, of course!

Big Box Storage is a portable storage solution, which just means we bring your storage unit to you! We have one size – it is 8 feet deep, 5 feet wide, and 7 feet tall, and typically it holds about a room to a room and a half of household goods. We always encourage you to overestimate your needs. For example, if we delivered 2 Big Boxes, and you are able to fit everything into just 1 Big Box, you will only pay for what you actually use. It is an easy remedy to the old days of having to rent a moving truck, drive it back home, find a good place for parking, load up the truck, drive it to the storage unit, unload the items, and then finally return the moving truck. If all that sounds quite laborsome, you would be right!

“Out with the old” as they say!

Now, getting a storage unit is easier than ever!

Simply call or go online, and Big Box Storage will deliver a “Big Box” right to your door! You fill it up at your leisure, and you can either leave it onsite, or we can pick it up and bring it back for secure, indoor storage at one of our centrally located facilities in San Diego. If you ever need access to the Big Box once it has been picked up, we offer that service for FREE. Just provide a two-hour notice by 1 pm, and you can have same-day access seven days a week. Or if you need us to deliver the Big Box(es) back to you, simply schedule the delivery with one of our friendly office staff, who are all located here in San Diego. It really is that easy!

“But wait! There’s more!”

Not only do we take great strides to ensure your experience is as smooth as possible, but also we guarantee that we have the best rate! Although not probable, if you happen to find a better price for portable storage elsewhere, we will match and BEAT the competition by at least 10%. We mean it when we say you will always have the best price for portable storage in San Diego county if you choose Big Box Storage.

Let’s talk security.

Big Box Storage utilizes safety and security measures that ensure your items are safe. While the Big Boxes are on your property, the wood-framed Big Box is covered by our branded weather protective vinyl cover. Not only does it make the Big Box water-resistant, but it also covers up the locking mechanisms and hides all the hardware to secure the contents even more.

Once our highly trained drivers pick up your Big Box and bring it back to our secure facility, they will be placed in our racking system that is not accessible to the public. Should you ever wish to access your items, simply give the office a call two hours prior to your desired appointment and our warehouse team will locate and move your Big Box to the access area where you can drive right up to it. Upon arrival, just show your photo ID to the office staff then you are free to access your storage. The office all the packing materials you may need to secure and protect your items as well. From moving pads to rope to boxes to tape to padlocks…- we have got you covered.

Moving out of state?

Big Box Storage can take you there! We ship to all 50 states and have economical options to complete your move. Looking to have your items in the Big Box unloaded into your new home? We can arrange that for you as well. We have shipped our customers all over the United States from the home of the redwood forest to sin city, from the parishes of Louisianna to the boroughs of New York and just about every small town and big city in between.

Where can you put a Big Box?

We can place a Big Box just about anywhere a car can be parked! We can either put it directly on your property on a driveway, backyard, easement or anywhere that we can fit it. We can also deliver to any of the Escondido apartments. Just get permission from your manager before we come and the Big Box could go in your parking spot or perhaps a guest space. We have been just about anywhere in Escondido. North of Castle Creek Country Club and Welk Resorts all the way to South Escondido past Westfield North County and Kit Carson Park – Big Box Storage can deliver!

Why should I use a Big Box?

People use Big Box for all sorts of reasons. Price and simplicity aside, there are hundreds of reasons to get a storage unit. Without naming all of them here are the top uses:

Moving to a new home, moving out of state, preparing to welcome a newborn to the family, making space to take in an elderly parent, storing items for teens going to college, getting new flooring installed, renovation projects, outdoor storage shed, and the list goes on! What is your reason for getting a Big Box?

Whatever your reason may be, Big Box Storage is here to help. Go online or give us a call to make a reservation today!