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March 17, 2020

Rancho Bernardo Storage

If you would not consider yourself too much of a history buff it would be understandable that you probably would not know about the rich background of America’s first master-planned community, also known as Rancho Bernardo. Located just south of Escondido and northwest of Poway, Rancho Bernardo is home to a long list of events that have shaped the southern California town into a shining example of a family-friendly, leisure and luxury mecca with a past that is everything but! This installment of our blog will focus on the wild differences between storage needs in years past vs. the storage options of modern-day life brought to you by Big Box Storage.

In the 1830s, a resident of Rancho Bernardo was most likely involved in the booming stock-raising operations that dominated the land. Their needs for storage were more than likely limited to feed for cattle, barns for the animals, and places to hold stock. A typical day in the life of a rancher would certainly begin before the sun has risen and would start by accessing their storages to pull out the feed for livestock. Not only did they rely on storage for food, but also for their tools and primitive equipment of the day. Today our economy has steered far from cattle, but we still find the need for storing our surplus items when not in use. For example, businesses routinely find the need to securely store away extra product until it is needed at a later date, or business records that need to be kept for a certain amount of years for tax purposes. Many times, these records can take up a vast amount of space and onsite storage just is not a possibility. But thanks to modern-day advancements, those old storage sheds have been upgraded to portable storage units that can be brought to you for onsite storage. It is like having extra barn space in your driveway! Simply put, Big Box brings the storage to you to fill at your leisure.

Fast forward a few years later to 1862. The area that is now Rancho Bernardo is now the scene of the battle of San Pasqual – known as the bloodiest and most controversial battle of the war. It is probably safe to say that the inhabitants of the area during this time period probably were not worried too much about grain storage when lives are on the line. During this tumultuous time, they needed storage for things like ammo, weapons, rations, and gear – everything that a soldier required to stay prepared and vigilant. Thankfully we are not living in a war-time period these days and our worries are generally limited to generally domestic issues. Woes such as “where can I store the exercise equipment while my sister and her husband are in town” or a college student that needs storage during summer break when they have to leave the dorm. You will be glad to know that Big Box Storage can alleviate such sorrows as well. In fact, not only can Big Box bring you a portable storage unit (we call them Big Boxes), but they can also provide monthly storage in a secure indoor warehouse at no additional charge!

A slightly larger jump in time to the 1920s might discombobulate you, poor reader, as you will find that Rancho Bernardo is a ghost town! The roaring twenties saw a mass exodus to the neighboring city of Escondido – a shiny new town that caught the eye of many settlers who did not even leave behind their storage shed that housed their tools and equipment for managing the land. One might wonder if someone from the 1920s could envision what life might be like 100 years later. Could they foretell the improvement and advancements that would shape a civilization such as ours today? Perhaps if they could peer into the near future they could see on-demand portable storage units that could carry their grains and tools (and guns and ammunition) and deliver them anywhere their cattle could roam.

The next few years are a bit boring (no one is home). We will jump ahead more than 40 years this time to 1961. The beginning of modernization has begun. The land is still pretty bare. Some business partners come together and have a grand idea to plan a community that is unlike anything the United States had seen to date. They called it a “master-planned community”. It would have everything that anyone of the time would need, including schools, hospitals, stores, parks and rec centers. And the amenities were ever-growing. It only took them a little over 2 years to find investors, plan and build the community, and sell the first parcel of land to a wide-eyed first time home buyer subscribing to the American dream.

In 1963 the Rancho Bernardo Inn opens its doors with accommodations for 30 rooms and an eighteen-hole championship golf course. In just a short 5 years they expand to 151 rooms and opened El Bizcocho a fine dining restaurant (now known as Avant). And thus began the snowball effect on the chain of events that transformed stock-raising land into the Rancho Bernardo we know today.

Storage options have evolved from rickety wooden sheds to facilities with rooms inside that people could rent and store their items. In their infancy, storage facilities were revolutionary in their concept, but there were some drawbacks. Typically, one would have to rent or borrow a truck to move the items with. Once you have boxed and labeled the items going to storage you would need to move each box to the truck and make several trips to complete the first step. Once you finished loading up the car you would stop to apply some muscle rub typically take a break from all that heavy lifting before you have to drive it to the storage facility. Once there, the unloading process begins. The facility may place your unit on a level that requires the traversing of stairs or walks down long hallways with your awkward and heavy boxes, and once you unload the truck you have to strategically place everything inside to be sure it fits. Once the truck is unloaded your chore still is not finished. Now you will need to return the truck to the rental company or to your friend that was gracious enough to let you borrow. Finally, time to rest.

Storage options of the 2020s.

We have made it back “home” in the year 2020. We took a trip through the early formative years of Rancho Bernardo, exploring stock-raising operations in the 1830s, the Battle of San Pasqual in 1862, the mass exodus to Escondido in 1920, and America’s first master-planned community in the 1960s. We took a quick look into the storage options that were available in the early years and now we look to the future. A brighter future where things are easier and more convenient.

These days you can do everything from your cell phone. Order a pizza for delivery, get your meds delivered to your door, and even video chat your therapist when you really need to know if you were the crazy one in that argument that you had with your best friend. So why not order storage for delivery? Big Box Storage is the most convenient option for storage in all of San Diego County. They will bring a portable storage unit, 8’x5’x7′ (LxWxH exterior), right to your home or business address for you to load at your leisure. You could either leave the unit on your property for onsite storage or they could return and pick it up for local storage at their secure indoor facility that is centrally located. Forget having to rent or borrow a vehicle to move your items to a storage place and save your back and legs from lifting your boxes several times before they finally get to a brick and mortar storage unit. Just load the Big Box one time and you are done.

If you choose to have your items stored in their indoor, secured facility, you will never have to worry about the safety of your items. The premises are under 24-hour on and off-site video recording and alarm monitoring services. The entrances are gated at night and the warehouse is sealed shut disallowing anyone from attempting to gain entry to the stored Big Boxes. Access is available 7 days a week with just a two-hour notice (within the current access hours). This gives the warehouse staff time to locate the Big Box within the vast system of Boxes and bring it out to the access area where you can drive right up to the unit. Best of all, there is never a fee to access. EVER!

You can have your Big Box delivered back to you either locally in the San Diego and surrounding area or they could even ship it for you to another state. Whatever you choose, you will rest soundly at night knowing that your items are stored safely.

We saved the best piece of news for last! For those that will not settle for anything but the best deal, Big Box Storage guarantees that they have the lowest price for portable storage. If you could find a better posted rate with a competitor, Big Box will match and beat it by at least 10%. Although, just as a side note, you might be hard-pressed to find a lower rate than that provided by Big Box Storage. They have done the research so you do not have to.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed your time traveling back to see what life and early storage options were like in the 1800s and beyond. By this point you know about the size of the Big Box, how the service works, how to access, their lowest price guarantee, and the time and money that you will save. If they have not convinced you that portable storage is the way to go, or if you are ready to make a reservation, please call the local office at 619-436-5020 and the friendly customer support representative will be happy to answer any other questions you may have and set up your account.