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July 4, 2011

Portable Storage Vs. Conventional Storage

As employees of a portable storage company, we’re admittedly a bit biased on the subject, but we’re also confident in saying that portable storage should be the clear choice over conventional storage when deciding on a San Diego storage solution.

First, some clarity. For those of you that may be unaware, “portable storage” (aka “mobile storage”) is a service in which the storage unit (or storage container) is delivered to your address. You then load it at your pace and it is picked up for transport back to the storage provider’s facility once you are ready. “Conventional storage” (or “traditional storage”) describes the self-storage buildings you might see along the roadside that provide for a storage solution in which the storage renter brings their items into the building and then loads them into one of the storage units for rent on the premises.

That aside, back to our opening statement Ð portable storage over conventional storage. Why? Let’s consider the primary reasons:


With conventional storage in San Diego, renters typically need to rent a truck, load the truck, drive to the storage facility, unload the truck into the storage unit (which may include long hallways and possibly stairs), then return the truck rental. Whenever you decide you no longer need the storage unit rental, the above process needs to be completed again (although in reverse). For renters that come across conventional San Diego storage companies that offer a free truck for use, remember that you still need to load and unload that truck before ever even reaching the storage unit. And forget using that truck when it comes time to move out of the storage unit Ð the storage facilities that do offer it do so only for move-ins not move-outs. With portable storage in San Diego, the storage unit is delivered right to your address (home or business). You can then take your time packing the unit (or “Big Box”). In the case of Big Box Storage customers, some complete the packing in a few hours, others need a few weeks (or longer). Whatever the case, whenever you’re done packing the portable storage unit, it is then picked up for secure, indoor storing at the company’s storage facility. Just as with conventional storage, Big Box Storage customers are able to access their stored goods any day of the week. Once you reach the point when you no longer need the space, the portable storage unit can be re-delivered right back to your address. No truck to rent or even consider, just pickup the phone and inform the representative that you wish to have your unit delivered back to you.


Now price is obviously going to be unique to the particular storage company, however, at Big Box Storage of San Diego County, we back all of our rates with a low price guarantee. Very simple Ð find a better rate and we’ll beat it by 10%. Whether you’re looking for a storage unit in Chula Vista or Oceanside, El Cajon or Pacific Beach, or anywhere in between Ð you will not find a better rate or a better value. The rates themselves (for San Diego County) start at only $59 with free delivery and pickup. One last point on the pricing topic, go ahead and try to find a conventional storage company that doesn’t have an administrative (or processing) fee due at the time of your move-in. Go ahead, we dare you. They all have it and it’s typically either $15 or $20! Although we’re not entirely sure what the fee covers, the most common answer from conventional storage operators is that it covers the cost associated with the documentation at the start of the relationship. $20 to fill out the rental agreement? Whatever the case, Big Box Storage of San Diego County doesn’t have any such fee. No security deposits either. For all of the specifics on our great low rates, visit


As with the issue of price, security is also going to be unique to the particular storage facility. Generally speaking most companies (Big Box Storage of San Diego included) offer numerous security measures. Examples include perimeter alarms, on-site staffing, motion sensors, exterior fencing and/or gates, and video surveillance. However, a significant number of storage unit break-ins are committed by other storage renters at the same facility. For example, a storage renter is walking down a hallway at his/her particular storage building. The only thing separating your stored goods from him/her is the padlock you have on your unit. This is where portable storage offers an added layer of security Ð an important one. In storage facilities such as those operated by Big Box Storage of San Diego, all storage units are stored within a controlled environment area inside the building that is accessible to only company employees. Whenever a customer wishes to access their storage unit(s), it is placed within an access area. Assuming the weather allows for it on the particular day of access (which is the case 90%+ of the time here in beautiful San Diego), the company also has an outdoor access area which enables storage renters to actually drive right up to their storage units. Once the access has been completed, the customer’s storage unit(s) is moved back into the facility for continued, safe, secure storage.

Obviously the choice is yours, however, in the event the above didn’t sway you into the portable storage camp, call Big Box Storage with any questions you might still have. Save time and money: portable storage Ð it’s easy stuff!