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April 9, 2013

Portable Storage Ideal for SDSU Students

Hey San Diego State University students, looking for storage units near SDSU? Give Big Box Storage a try.

What a week! Did you have a great Easter or Passover? Did you celebrate “Spring Break”? If you are a college student attending SDSU then you likely did. You know we don’t often discuss the College Area of San Diego unless we are referring to the Aztecs making it in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, but there is a lot to offer in the College Area. The College Area of San Diego refers to the residential and business areas directly surrounding San Diego State University. Yes we have other college areas in San Diego with UCSD, USD, the community colleges Grossmont, Mesa, Miramar, Cal State San Marcos, and more, but the area around SDSU is rich with history of San Diego. The area is unique in that there are full time residents and businesses intertwined with seasonal residents like the students at SDSU. Being such a transitory area, Big Box Storage is the perfect San Diego storage option for any student. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you get accepted to SDSU and you live in Montana. You move in to the dorms but go home to Montana during the school breaks. Well you don’t have to move all of your stuff out of the dorms in San Diego and all the way back to Montana each semester. No! Keep your stuff with Big Box Storage while you are away. We bring the storage to you, you fill it, and we store here in Miramar at our storage facility. You can travel light when you return home each semester. Better yet. You’ve been in San Diego for four years, you’ve earned your degree, and now you have a job lined up in Seattle. You won’t be staying in San Diego or moving back to Montana. Here at Big Box Storage we offer nationwide shipping of your storage! You can keep your storage here in San Diego as long as you need, but when you are ready to have it shipped to your new address, we can take care of all the shipping for you. That’s awesome! And convenient.