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The Portable Storage Forklift

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Posted on January 11, 2015

What role does a piggyback forklift play in the portable storage process?

As you may have discovered by now, or as you continue to navigate though our website, Big Box Storage in San Diego, is a portable storage company that delivers a storage unit right to your door.

But what are the components of our storage delivery service that allows our service to be “portable”? Well, there are two components of our storage delivery system (other than the actual Big Box Storage container itself) that allows us to offer a mobile or portable storage service.

The first component is the storage delivery truck and the second component is the piggyback forklift that attaches to the truck. In this article, we will be discussing the piggyback forklift.

The word “piggyback” pretty much describes how our forklifts are transported during our storage delivery process. The Piggyback forklifts are designed to “piggyback” off of the back of our delivery trucks. This allows us easy access to the forklift in terms of lowering it when we need to use it and raising it back onto the rear of the truck when we need to transport it.

Further, by carrying the forklift in a “piggyback fashion” (as opposed to transporting a traditional forklift on the deck of the truck), it allows us to have a wide-open truck deck that can be fully utilized for carrying the portable storage units. The more room we have on our decks, the more storage containers we can deliver per delivery.

The type of piggyback forklift that we currently use is a Princeton Z2-3.  We chose this type of piggyback forklift for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons was its power. Although our storage containers can comfortably accommodate up to 2,000lbs of content, the Z2-3 can comfortably lift up to 4,500lbs of weight. This will eliminate any potential storage container transporting issues that could occur with less powerful, less expensive forklifts.

We’ve also had the Z2-3 specifically customized to fit the width of our Big Box Storage containers (the forklift blades that lift the containers) This is an important note, as preforming this type of customization allows the containers to remain level during the lifting and lowering process. This will prevent your items from shifting and will also prevent the containers from potentially falling off of the forklift blades.

The Z2-3 is a speedy forklift as well. It boasts a 33hp engine. Although of course, we take our time when lifting, loading and unloading your containers, in those moments when we’re not handling your storage containers, the Z2-3’s speed, allows us to offer an efficient service.

The Z2-3 is equipped with three wheels.  This type of design allows the forklift to turn sharply. This tight turning radius comes in handy for us on a daily basis when delivering our storage containers.

As you can gather from the above descriptions of the forklift, the forklift’s main responsibility during our storage delivery process is to load, unload and place the storage containers on, or near your delivery destination.  Whether you’re in an apartment building, a house or an office building, anywhere a car can go, the Z2-3 can go! Just tell us where you would like your storage containers placed at the time of your scheduled delivery and our handy Piggyback forklift will take care of the rest! It’s that simple.

Below is a photo of the Z2-3 forklift in action!