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Posted on November 27, 2019
onsite storage in san diego

Do you think you could go back to using a flip phone? Or how about opening the yellow pages to look for a phone number? I’m sure there are those out there that pine for a simpler time, but the year is 2019 and times are changing! We’ve got food delivery at the touch of an app, and on-demand dog walkers that GPS track Rover’s route. We can book reservations on the go, and even point our screens to the skies and discover the constellations above. Necessity is the mother of invention, and it only makes sense that the storage industry would catch up with the times.


Now, think back to the not so distant past. You’ve got a home remodeling project coming up and your contractor left you a message on your home phone answering machine that everything in your “she shed” has to be taken out. But where to put everything? Traditionally, you would have to rent a truck, load the truck, drive to the storage facility, unload the truck into the storage unit, (and if you are anything like my very unlucky Aunt Linda, that may include long hallways and possibly stairs.) Then, after all that, you have to return the truck rental. When the time comes that you decide you no longer need the storage unit rental, the above process would have to be completed again in reverse this time. For renters that come across conventional San Diego storage companies that offer a free truck for use, remember that you still need to load that truck before ever even reaching the storage unit, then unload when you get there. And forget using that truck when it comes time to move out of the storage unit – the storage facilities that do offer it do so only for move-ins, not move-outs.


Now, fast forward past shoulder pads and dial-up modems, into the shiny new world of convenience and same-day deliveries, and rejoice! On-site storage units now come to you!


At Big Box Storage, we actually deliver a portable storage unit called a 'Big Box' right to your property - Wherever you would like us to place it! We can put it anywhere that a car can be placed. For the duration of your storage needs, the Big Box will remain there for onsite storage at your property. You are then free to pack your belongings at your own pace, and once you’re done, all you have to do is give us a call and we will come and pick up the Big Box and return it to our facility.


What Exactly is a Big Box Storage Unit?

A Big Box storage unit is your very own personal-sized storage locker.  Made of construction grade wood that is mildew resistant, your 'Big Box' will measure in at a grand total 8’ x 5’ x 7’ externally.  That’s enough to hold 2,000 pounds, or roughly the contents of one to one and a half rooms. If you’re just packing boxes, the Big Box will hold approximately 50 medium-sized packing cartons. Fun fact – a Big Box can hold 510 basketballs!


Before setting up your reservation, be thinking about how long you might need to rent a Big Box. We often have different promotions depending on the length of time you’ll be needing, so it’s fairly important to know your end game to get the best possible rate. Not sure how long you might need it? It sounds like our month to month option might be best. Once you’ve nailed that down, when would you like us to deliver the box? Keep in mind, we do ask that you be present for delivery so you can show the driver exactly where you would like the box to be placed.


Is the Big Box Storage Unit Safe and Weather Resistant?

Yes!  Your Big Box Storage unit comes with a custom-fitted vinyl cover that will protect the Big Box and its contents from the elements whenever the unit is outside of our storage facility. In addition to the construction grade materials used to build the 'Big Box', it is all fully securable and lockable. There are 3 locking mechanisms. Two of which are butterfly latches and the third is a place for you to place a keyed lock. You can rest assured that while your Big Box is on your property for on-site storage, it will be resistant to bad weather conditions, and locked up tight.  Your belongings will be safe and secure. 


What if I Need More Space?

While the Big Box Storage container only comes in one size - 8’ x 5’ x 7’, the convenience and portability of makes it a simple process to simply request another unit.  When we drop off the second unit, we’ll be sure to place it exactly as you would like it for your onsite storage needs. If you’re still concerned, before you commit to a Big Box unit, use our handy storage space estimator, or give us a call. One of our representatives will work with you to determine your storage space requirements. Even further, you are always free to overestimate your onsite storage needs. Should you need additional space, multiple Big Boxes can always be delivered, and you will only pay for what you actually use. So, for example, if we delivered 2 Big Boxes and you fit everything into one, you'll only pay for the one you actually use. Just let us know if you won’t be using any extra boxes within 5 days of delivery. If numbers aren’t your forte, check out our Storage Space Estimator located on our website - a ridiculously easy-to-use tool that allows you to punch in everything you’ll need to load up and it estimates how many boxes you might need. Great for reminding you of those out of sight/out of mind items that need to get stored. And if that wasn’t enough to ensure your perfect fit, we have the best deal of the industry - you’ll only be charged for how many boxes you actually use. So if you guessed 3 boxes, but get everything in 2, there’s no charge for that 3rd box. Risk-free guarantee!


How Much Does a Big Box Storage unit Cost?

We offer a low price guarantee.  San Diego Storage rates will depend on a number of factors including the location you’ll need the Big Box delivered to, the length of time you’ll need us to store your belongings, and any promotions being offered during the period you’ll need to store your belongings.


To find current rates, visit our Storage Rates page.  Simply input your zip code to find out what rates are for your needs. The longer your contract, the lower the rates will be! If you could find another provider that could offer a lower cost, we will be happy to match and beat their price by at least 10%. Just forward any written quotes to our office.


Low Price Guarantee

If you’re looking for the most economical and convenient storage solution, Big Box Storage is where it’s at.  We offer a Low Price Guarantee. If you happen to find a lower rate advertised by any of our competitors within San Diego County, we’ll be pleased to not only match the lower rate, but we’ll beat it by an extra 10 percent!  And of course, Big Box Storage has no hidden move-in or access fees, and we don’t require a security deposit. How much better can it get?


So what does it all mean?

At the end of the day, we are all looking for ways to improve. We improve our physical health by eating right and working out. We improve our mental health with colloquialisms such as “treat yoself” (sic) and “sorry, not sorry”. And we’ve improved on our past by creating a truly customer-centric model that works for you. Ultimately, if you are looking for a convenient, low-cost storage solution that comes to you for onsite storage in San Diego, Big Box Storage is here for you. 


While the different processes have been detailed above, portable storage is undeniably the more convenient option in almost all instances. Even if the situation provides for the self-storage company offering the renter a free truck for use during the move-in, opting for a portable storage would still allow the renter to avoid having to drive to the self-storage facility to pick up the truck, drive back to their residence, load the truck, drive back to the self-storage company, and then drive back home.  The driving time alone would likely be a couple of hours or more unless the renter happens to live very close to the self-storage facility. And driving an enormous rental truck is one thing. But have you stopped to consider how difficult it would be loading the heavy items onto the truck on your own? Truck rental companies make it sound so simple to slide your grandmother’s piano up from the floor and onto the truck. But in reality, it takes a specially constructed dolly to handle the heavy lifting. If you don’t have one, you will need to rent one in addition to the truck. As such, being able to load the storage unit right at your home (or business) instead of having to go to a storage facility, clearly makes for a convenient move-in. Unloading a portable storage unit at the conclusion of your storage rental period is just as convenient as the unit is redelivered back to your address where you can unload it at your leisure. 


So the choice is yours.  Do your homework – make a shortlist, call the selected companies, ask questions, and compare their rates. There’s a reason why Big Box Storage is the number one portable storage provider in San Diego County. You’ll find that our friendly staff is always ready to help answer any questions you may have, and our expert drivers are the most professional in the county. You will also recognize the bright blue and orange portable storage units on curbsides throughout San Diego. As mentioned, you have numerous options available to you for onsite storage throughout San Diego County. Whatever you decide, don’t forget... You’ll save BIG BUCKS with Big Box Storage! Schedule your delivery now!