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April 16, 2020

Mom is moving to San Diego!

Sophia’s Mom, Darlene, travels from the midwest to San Diego every year to visit and get some much needed beach therapy – a respite from the harsh winters that stiffens her bones and a warming of the heart from seeing her daughter. Each time Sophia picked her up at Lindbergh Field, as sailboats floated past and the glistening water hit her eyes, without fail Darlene would lament over another life where she could have lived in San Diego. This would, without fail, be followed by Sophia saying, “Live your best life, Mom! Move out to San Diego!” 

This scene had played out for many winters. However just this past year when she gazed out on the water and she bemoaned a life near the ocean, and Sophia, almost methodically,  invited her to move to San Diego once again, she said something that she never thought she would say. 

“Ok, I’ll move to San Diego!”

Fast forward one month. Darlene’s house in the midwest is on the market, she’s looking at homes in San Diego, and she is preparing for the biggest move of her life. Excitement is in the air when she gets a call from her realtor. She received a full price offer and the buyer is eager to move in ASAP! She thought she would have much more time than this, but now that she has got the ball rolling, it is now or never.

Things were moving pretty fast. Faster than either of them had really expected. Sophia offered to let her Mom stay in her guest bedroom in her Little Italy apartment in downtown San Diego while she looked around for a place to call her own, but the big dilemma was what to do with all her Mom’s things. There just wasn’t enough room in her apartment for it all. Then Sophia remembered Big Box Storage. Her neighbor Jim with the cute dalmatian puppy, had a Big Box delivered right to his assigned parking spot in their apartment complex and he said it was super easy and convenient so she went online, shopped around, and gave them a call. 

She told the customer service representative on the phone the whole situation with her Mom moving and needing storage while she is in-between homes. She told them she had a mover bringing the items to San Diego but did not have a place yet to put everything and she needed the best price possible since things were tight due to the expensive move. Thankfully, the agent had heard that story time and time again and knew just how to help. She offered their lowest price guarantee which meant if Sophia did find a better posted price for portable storage, they would match and beat their price by at least 10%, AND free initial delivery and pickup if they committed to at least 3 months of storage, which was in the plan anyway.

As it turns out, as a portable storage company in San Diego, Big Box Storage offers both delivery/pickup AND move-in services at their centrally located facility. So she was able to have the movers bring all the years worth of Darlene’s possessions and unload straight into a couple of Big Boxes for secure storage for as long as it took to find a new home. She read many positive reviews she found for the company and felt a peace of mind knowing all her Mom’s earthly goods were safe.

Every few weeks, Darlene would realize there were some things in the Big Box she really needed. A big floppy hat for the beach and her favorite flip flops – the necessities. She was relieved to find that Big Box Storage offers access 7 days a week. They just need a 2-hour notice within their access hours and they pull the Big Boxes right out into a large access area where you can drive right up to the units. She could go as many times as she wanted to pull some things and put some things in, and there was never a cost to visit the storage.

Finally, about six months later, Darlene found the perfect house in Cardiff by the Sea. She thought it was a lovely name for a town and she adamantly exclaimed that she heard the sea call her name so it was a sign!

About a week before she got the keys, she scheduled the Big Box to be delivered and on moving day they came right on time. The driver was so friendly – something that she had read in past reviews online but had not thought twice about it until she actually had her own encounter. The driver placed the Big Box as close to her garage as possible and then she realized… SHE LOST THE KEY to the Big Box! Averting disaster, the driver pulled out his bolt cutters and saved the day. They really think of everything! Darlene scheduled a full week to have the Big Box at her new home but realized she was so excited to move in that she finished unloading in just two days! Big Box Storage was so accommodating and fit an earlier pick up in their schedule.

All in all, Darlene and Sophia were very satisfied with their choice of portable storage providers. From start to finish, Big Box Storage made it simple. The movers appreciated how much room they had at the facility to unload their goods into the storage units. Darlene was thankful that she was able to access her things whenever she wanted to and then when she was done she would watch as her Big Box is returned to the facility for secured indoor storage. Sophia was happy that her apartment wasn’t overrun with moving boxes – and that her Mom was closer to her, of course! And they both were happy once Darlene finally was moved into her new home with her belongings in just as good condition as they were when they were first shipped to San Diego.