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Ideal Storage for Holiday Decorations

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Posted on December 26, 2013

$6 billion dollars. Based on reports from the National Retail Federation, that’s the amount that Americans will spend on holiday decorations this year. While Christmas decorations make up the majority of the amount, other holidays such as Hanukah, Halloween, 4th of July, St. Patrick’s Day and others also contribute.

For many decorators, the question of where to store the decorations after the particular holiday becomes quite an issue. Devoting a substantial part of their garage, closet, condo, or house to the storage of the items can be problematic as space in most homes is already limited. Big Box Storage offers an ideal solution for those holiday revelers. As is the case with many existing customers, you can have a “Big Box” storage unit dropped off at your home once you’re ready to put your holiday decorations away for the year. Unless you’re an “extreme” decorator, your decorations should fit into one Big Box as they each measure 8’x 5’ (7’ tall). Once delivered, simply pack the decorations into the storage unit. The, once you’ve finished, a company driver will come back and pick up the Big Box and transport it to the company’s secure storage center in San Diego. The delivery and pickup is provided free of charge and the monthly rent is only $59. Additionally, when next year’s holiday season comes around, simply call Big Box Storage and have your rented Big Box re-delivered for immediate access to your decorations. Again, the delivery and pickup would be provided at no cost. An organized holiday helps to make a happy holiday.

Schedule a Big Box delivery online and save $25 instantly. Happy Holidays from the staff of Big Box Storage.