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February 2, 2012

How Big is Big? A Question for San Diego Storage Renters

We receive calls and emails every day from prospective storage renters trying to get a better understanding of just how big our storage units are. The very name of our company, Big Box Storage, obviously declares them to be big. But how big is big? Our standard response is to provide San Diego storage renters with a better understanding by giving them the exact exterior dimensions of the “Big Box” storage unit as each unit is identical in size. Those dimensions measure 8′ long by 5′ wide by 7′ tall. While the measurements certainly help, many customers still have a difficult time trying to visualize an 8’x5’x7 storage unit. To assist further, we provide responses such as “each Big Box will typically hold up to a room and half of furniture.” However, even that response leaves some callers a bit puzzled. After all, the size of an average “room and a half” might vary greatly between storage renters in San Diego or elsewhere.

So, to help end the suspense associated with trying to determine how big is big, our staff has come up with an idea that will no only help to more soundly answer the question, but will also serve to benefit San Diego charities.

Beginning next month, Big Box Storage will begin its first quarterly “How Big is Big?” charity event. Each quarter, the company will select a particular item for donation to a San Diego charity. The item might be a household product, a non-perishable food (e.g. canned goods), or some other consumer product that a charity might find useful Рthe options are endless. Once the particular item is selected, the staff of Big Box Storage will then load as many of the item as possible into a Big Box. One early frontrunner idea for the March event is rolls of paper towels. How many rolls will fit into a Big Box storage unit. Hundreds? Thousands? Whatever the final tally ends up being, the amount will undoubtedly help some storage renters to better visualize just “how big is big” when looking to rent a storage unit from Big Box Storage of San Diego.

The best part of the idea is that once the Big Box has been filled, it will then be delivered to the chosen San Diego charity and unloaded. The entire contents will be donated to that particular charity. So whatever product is selected for loading, unloading, and donating, storage renters in San Diego will soon have a much better appreciation of just how big is big.