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September 8, 2014

Home Staging and Portable Storage

Selling your home? Need to stage it?

Ever thought of this little tip….

If you’re in the process or soon to be in the process of staging your home so that your home is de-cluttered and presents well to prospective homebuyers, perhaps you should consider using portable storage during the home staging process.

What does portable storage have to do with home staging you ask?

Well, many individuals that stage their homes are forced to “de-clutter” them first. This involves removing items from the home so that more space is created and the home appears neat and tidy and in general, just presents itself better to prospective homebuyers.

If a home is cluttered with items, even if a home is larger in square footage, it can actually make a home look much smaller than it is. Further, real estate experts also state that it’s a good idea to remove many of your personal items (family photos, hobby related items etc…) from the home, so that it’s easier for the prospective buyers to envision themselves in the space. So that being said, where do you place all of those items that you removed from your home? Many individuals use self-storage and that’s where portable storage comes into play.

The use of portable storage during the home staging process proves to be quite convenient. One of the most convenient features of the portable storage service during the staging process is the ability to have the items that you’ve placed into storage, delivered to your new home.

Should you elect to use conventional storage, you would need to load a truck with your items, drive to the storage facility and then unload the truck. Once your home sells, you would need to repeat that process all over again. With portable storage, you simply load the portable storage container(s) once, a driver picks up the container(s) to place the container into storage, and then when you sell your home and move into the new one, your items are then delivered to your new home. Now that’s convenient!

Here are some compelling reasons that you may want to stage your home and prep it for sale.

1- Get top dollar for your home– A well-staged home is aesthetically pleasing. Everything looks inviting, comfortable and simple. It elicits a strong emotion from buyers.

2-Sell your home faster– Statistics say that homes that are staged, sell 43% faster than homes that are unstaged.

3-Your home will appear larger- Homes that are staged appear larger and flow better. Your home will be more appealing to buyers.

4- First impressions- You only have one chance to make a first impression. Take advantage of every selling opportunity you have. People will only walk through the home once in most instances.

So if you’re selling your home and you’re considering staging your home, you may want to consider the portable storage service versus traditional self storage (assuming you have items to place in storage).

Good luck with the sale of your home!