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February 11, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

Big Box Storage has the LOWEST storage rates in San Diego! We will not be beat! That’s right. Big Box Storage has the lowest storage rates in San Diego. And if you can find a lower price someplace else, we will beat it by at least 10%. We are that competitive for your business.

Welcome to another installment of the Big Box Storage weekly blog update. This week there are so many fun things to talk about. Valentine’s Day is just days away, but in reality there is nothing romantic about a storage box. But Sunday is the Chinese New Year. This is the Year of the Snake. And those born in the year of the Snake have some interesting qualities and characteristics. Did you know that Snakes (those born during the year of the Snake, not the animal itself) become easily stressed and have to avoid hectic schedules and noisy atmospheres? We totally appreciate that! In fact here at Big Box Storage we are all about making things simple for you. With our door to door service in dropping off your storage container, pick up when you are not home, and 7 days a week free access to your storage.

Back to the Year of the Snake – did you know that the Snake is very sophisticated and cultured in their choices for home décor? The Snake is elegant and graceful and places emphasis on comfort when deciding what to decorate with. The Snake is materialistic and therefore must have as many of everything. Wow! Hey Snakes. If you find yourself running out of room for all your needs, we have affordable storage rates for you. And since we make things easy, and we will beat anyone else’s price. We are the perfect place for those born under the Year of the Snake. Happy New Year!