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January 21, 2013

Encinitas Storage Rates as Hot as the Recent Weather

Looking for storage in Encinitas around Encinitas Boulevard? Big Box Storage has you covered! In fact our storage rates, as of the date of today’s post, are only $69 a month for one of our “Big Box” storage units and also include free delivery/pickup when you sign up for a minimum term of 3 months. This fantastic storage deal is also backed by a low price guarantee. Our delivery and pickup service also makes it the most convenient storage deal in town.

Speaking of Encinitas and the surrounding areas, it looks like home sales are on the rise. We posted an article on our Facebook page this week talking about the Top 20 home selling zip codes in San Diego County for the month of December. And it looks like Encinitas and the surrounding areas are on the rise in home sales. If you happen to be one of those Encinitas homeowners in the process of selling their home, consider renting a Big Box storage unit to stage or “de-clutter” you home while presenting it to potential buyers. Did you know that you can rent one of our storage boxes for as short a time as a month? We’ll deliver the storage unit to your Encinitas home, you load it, we return to pick up the box to store at our local facility. At the end of the month we can redeliver your box to the same address or a new address in Encinitas or anywhere else in San Diego County. Now that’s convenient! And easy! Now above we mentioned that you can rent one of our boxes for $69 a month, but did you know that you can get that price even cheaper? We have long term storage options of 12 months or more that drop the price of one of our storage boxes to $59 a month (as of the date of today’s post). That’s right, if you need long term storage solutions you save an additional 15% a month by using Big Box Storage. We are here for you. 1-800-391-4890

What a difference a week makes! Look at the sunshine in that picture above. Last week we talked about how cold it was that even Polar Bears at the San Diego Zoo were being affected, and this week we have a picture of folks hitting the beach in Encinitas. Crazy! It looks like lots of folks are cruising down Encinitas Boulevard this weekend and hitting the beach.