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January 7, 2013

Convenient Storage for El Cajon

Looking for storage in El Cajon, CA? At Big Box Storage we got you covered!

Hey guys, and welcome to the first Big Box Storage blog for 2013! We hope you had a safe and Happy New Year. We are excited for 2013 and can’t wait to spend the year serving the storage needs of San Diego County. As you can see this week we are talking about El Cajon storage options. There are tons of options for storage in El Cajon and all over San Diego County, but the option offered by Big Box Storage is unique. We bring the storage to YOU and then store it here in our local, secure, controlled-environment facility. In other words no one from the public is able to access your storage. Your stuff is locked up safe and tight. And if you ever need to access your storage, we are open 7 days of week for FREE access.

That’s right, some places are closed on certain days AND they charge you to access your storage. But for a monthly rate starting at only $59, you can rent one of our Big Box Storage boxes. As we back up our rates with a low price guarantee, it really is a rate you cannot beat. Here’s another scenario to consider. Let’s say you are renting a small apartment in El Cajon and need storage for your extra stuff. Of course we can help. Now a year from now you move into that bigger house or condo you’ve been looking at (in El Cajon or anywhere else across the country). For a minimal charge we can redeliver your storage box directly to your new residence, saving you time and money on movers! We are here to help.