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February 5, 2015

Storage for San Diego Businesses

Although the vast majority of Big Box Storage customers are residential (homeowners and renters), the company also provides storage rentals to a large number of businesses throughout San Diego. Such businesses range from national grocery chains to local restaurants to small accounting firms. If you’re a business owner, consider some reasons as to why your business could benefit from renting storage space.

Seasonality: Many businesses encounter space issues with supplies, furniture, and/or equipment due to the seasonality of their business. While such items may be in use during a portion of the year, space is needed to store them during the remainder of the year. Storage rentals are ideal for addressing this issue.

Large shipments and packages: Should your business not have the facilities to accept larger shipments, such as those that require a loading dock, Big Box Storage is able offer an ideal solution. Such shipments can be delivered directly to your storage unit at the company’s facility at 7077 Consolidated Way, San Diego, CA 92121.

Cost: Undoubtedly the cost of storage space is far more economical than the cost of retail or office space. Storage rental rates, including that of a “Big Box” rental, are typically 50% or more less than most retail and office lease rates in San Diego.

Security: While the security conditions of each business vary a great deal, few offer the security measures offered by Big Box Storage. These measures include perimeter alarms, exterior gates, on-site personnel, and motion sensor alarms.

As Big Box Storage is a portable storage company, the storage unit can be delivered directly to your business address. At that point, the Big Box can either be left on-site at your location (should you need constant access to it) or it can be picked up for storing within the Big Box Storage facility (where accessibility is also available). Whatever you decide, you’ll be pleased to note that you opted for the most convenient business storage solution in San Diego.