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The Big Box Storage Unit

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Posted on December 26, 2014

Big Box Storage Containers

At Big Box Storage, we’re not just another sprawling concrete storage facility in San Diego.  We provide what’s called ‘Portable Storage' to meet ALL your storage needs.  As the name of the service implies, “portable storage” is actually a service in which a storage unit is delivered right to your address. Once you’ve finished loading the unit, we’ll then picked up for secure storing within our local storage facility where it can be accessed whenever needed.

What is Portable Storage?
Portable storage is different from regular self-storage.  At Big Box, we actually deliver a portable storage unit called a 'Big Box' RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR!  You are then free to pack your belongings at your own pace.  Once you’re done, all you have to do is give us a call and we will come and pick up the Big Box and return it to our facility.

What Exactly is a Big Box Storage Unit?
A Big Box storage unit is your very own personal sized storage locker.  Made of construction grade wood that is mildew resistant, your 'Big Box' will measure in at a whopping 8’ x 5’ x 7’.  That’s enough to hold 2,000 pounds, or roughly the contents of a one and a half rooms. If you’re just packing boxes, the Big Box will hold approximately 50 medium sized packing cartons.
Fun fact – a Big Box can hold 510 basketballs!


Is the Big Box Storage Unit Safe and Weather Resistant?

Yes!  Your Big Box Storage unit comes with a custom fitted vinyl cover that will protect the Big Box and its contents from the elements whenever the unit is outside of our storage facility.In addition to the construction grade materials used to build the 'Big Box', it is all fully securable and lockable.  You can be rest assured that while your Big Box is on your property, it will be resistant to bad weather conditions, and locked up tight.  Your belongings will be safe and secure.

What if I Need More Space?
While the Big Box Storage container only comes in one size - 8’ x 5’ x 7’ (exterior), the convenience and portability of makes it a simple process to simply request another unit.  When we drop off the second unit, we’ll pick up the full unit and deliver it to our storage facility.  Here's a great infographic explaining the portable storage process.
If you’re still concerned, before you commit to a Big Box unit, use our handy storage space estimator, or give us a call. One of our representatives will work with you to determine your storage space requirements.

How Much Does a Big Box Storage unit Cost?
We offer a low price guarantee.  San Diego Storage rates will depend on a number of factors including the location you’ll need the Big Box delivered to, the length of time you’ll need us to store your belongings, and any promotions being offering during the period you’ll need to store your belongings.
To find current rates, visit our Storage Rates and Discounts page.  Simply input your zip code to find out what rates are for your needs. The longer your contract, the lower the rates will be!

Low Price Guarantee
If you’re looking for the most economical and convenient storage solution, Big Box Storage is where it’s at.  We offer a Low Price Guarantee.  If you happen to find a lower rate advertised by any of our competitors within San Diego County, we’ll be pleased to not only match the lower rate, but we’ll beat it by an extra 10 percent!  And of course, Big Box Storage has no hidden move-in or access fees, and we don’t require a security deposit.  How much better can it get?

So What is the End to End Process?

It’s as simple as one two three:
1.    Give us a call or use our online rate calculator to determine how many Big Boxes you’ll need.  We’ll then deliver the Big Boxes right to your door.
2.    Pack and load your belongings into the Big Box storage unit.
3.    Call us again – we’ll come and pick up the Big Box(s) and deliver them back to our secure storage facility.
That’s it!  You’ll have access to your belongings seven days a week between the hours of 7:30 AM and 6:30 PM PST (excluding holidays).  You can review your account information and make payments online 24 hours a day.

Big Box Storage is the way to go for all your storage needs.  The convenience of having the storage unit delivered right to your door, combined with the safety and security features of the Big Box itself, make this an unbeatable choice for all of your local storage needs!