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January 16, 2015

The Big Box Storage Trucks

As mentioned in our previous article about piggyback forklifts, the two main components that allow us to offer our portable storage service (other than the Big Box Storage containers) are the piggyback forklift and the storage delivery truck. Since we’ve already discussed the forklift, let’s move onto the Big Box Storage delivery trucks!

We have two storage delivery trucks and International makes both trucks. Although both of our trucks are made International, we have two different models, the International 4300 and the International 4400. Both trucks boast about 350-horse power.

Our trucks are capable of transporting up to five Big Box Storage containers in a single truck. This reduces our back and forth time to our storage warehouse when making deliveries for the day. Otherwise, smaller trucks can only carry 2-4 storage containers and would require us to make additional trips to our warehouse throughout the day (to pick up or drop off containers to make room for more containers on the truck).

One of the reasons we chose the International trucks, is due to their sizes. Other portable storage companies use tractor trailer style trucks, which limits their pick up and drop off areas to main streets or wide-open areas. Our International trucks can deliver to even the tightest streets in San Diego! (e.g the alleys of Mission Beach). Now that’s a true door to door portable storage service!

As mentioned in our previous article, the trucks come fully equipped with a mounting system that allows us to carry our piggyback forklifts. The International trucks are also operated using diesel fuel.

Another feature of the International trucks that caught our attention was that it is relatively quite compared to other trucks that we were evaluating. This was important to us, as we want to minimize as much noise as possible when dropping off and picking up storage containers in residential areas.

So as noted, our portable storage service requires the right combination of a storage container delivery truck and a forklift for loading and unloading the storage containers. The International trucks combined with the Z2-3 piggyback forklifts have served us well over the years and have allowed us to offer an efficient, quiet portable storage delivery service.