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July 23, 2019

Available Options for Storage in San Diego

Having a storage unit facility in a town near you is often a real stress-saver. Ask your friends and family. The chances are you will know at least one person who has made use of these super-convenient ways to store household items. You can store furniture, clothing, knick-knacks, and other goods. However, as with any additional DIY responsibility, you have to do it right the first time for it to be of any benefit.

With that said, let’s look at the storage facilities in San Diego available to rent.

Conventional Self-Storage

Although some may disagree, self-storage loading and packing are sciences rather than arts. They require careful thought to ensure none of the boxes or other items fall over. If anything shifts or If a stack falls over, it could damage the box contents and those in other boxes around it as well.

Organizing: Before you begin packing, you should make a list of items going into specific boxes. Once you have packed the assigned items into the boxes, label the contents of each box with a Sharpie. Label the sides and the top. Don’t rely on standard labeling for fragile materials; get some bright orange “fragile” stickers instead.

Keep items safe: Remember to tape up the bottom of the box before you begin to pack it. This preventative measure will stop the contents from getting dusty or falling through the box. Standard packing practice says that big boxes are for light items such as duvets and pillows, and small boxes are for bulky items, such as books. On the other hand, if you pack small, heavy boxes on top of the light, big boxes, they can squash and break the boxes underneath. Always make sure the bottom box can withstand the weight of the smaller boxes on top.

Space waste: You should fill all boxes to maximum capacity or else it will be prone to collapsing and tipping over. If one box has a few heavy items in it, such as Dutch ovens and cast iron pans, you can fill up the rest of the box with cleaning clothes, linen, and oven mitts. A balance of heavy and light will make the boxes easier to lift.

Avoid plastic bags: It might seem like an easy fix to chuck clothes into a garbage bag, but this is an invitation for mildew and mold to set in. Plus, they are difficult to label and neatly store. Even in a climate controlled facility with steel storage containers, mold can spread inside a plastic bag.

Dry out water-based appliances: Completely defrost and wipe dry freezers, washing machines, and refrigerators. Store with doors slightly open.

Bubble wrap: Pack your breakables in packing paper or bubble wrap, especially picture frames and mirrors. If you own hero piece artwork, antiques, and collectibles, think about having them stored in a professional studio or art warehouse.

Tools and equipment: Rub the metal parts down with oil before storing them. Drain the fuel out of any manually operated tools.

How to Organize the Perfect Self-Storage Unit San Diego

1. Plan by mapping out a basic layout of how you will place the furniture and boxes inside your unit.

2. Buy wooden pallets for the storage unit and cover the floor of the unit with them. This way, you can protect your furniture and boxes from rodents and silverfish. Remember to sweep and clean your unit before loading if you are using a facility that doesn’t provide this service for you. That’s also something you can call and ask about before you choose a storage facility. Another thing you can find out is if the unit has shelves. These come in handy to place smaller items.

3. Picture frames and mirrors must be stored upright against the wall.

4. As you pack your unit, start with the large furniture pieces at the back, and then stack the boxes in front of them. Leave an aisle between the boxes so anyone entering the unit can walk to the end of it to see the furniture. This way, you can more easily access boxes and furniture without entirely unpacking.

5. The boxes with the essential items should be front and center. This is the best place to store winter/summer clothes if you are planning for an extended storage unit usage.

6. If furniture unscrews or dismantles, make sure you keep all the screws and hinges in separate plastic bags with the furniture item marked on it. For example, when you unscrew the legs off a kitchen table, put each screw into a plastic bag, and label it as such. Keep the bags in a safe and memorable place.

7. Don’t leave chests and wardrobes empty. Store small boxes inside them.

8. As you store your furniture and boxes in the storage unit, put mothballs (naphthalene balls), rat bait, and moisture absorbers in strategic places. Remember, they are there when you unpack if you have children and pets.

A Friend with a Garage

You need to prepare to know how to store household goods in a friend’s garage long term. A garage isn’t like a climate controlled storage unit. Sure your items will be safe from rain and wind, but they are still possibly exposed to the harsh cold in winter and heat in summer. There are a few tips to ensure your household goods and property can withstand the humidity, heat, and colder temperatures.

• Long term storage of a car is not as simple as parking it and stowing the keys. It should be thoroughly washed and dried inside and out so water, salt from the air, and grit can’t damage the paint job or attract pests. We recommend a change of oil and air filters, as well as the removal of the battery. You should keep the gas tank full, and add a fuel stabilizer.

• Gardening tools and DIY gear should also be cleaned, dried, and oiled before long-term storage. Store your lawnmower with an empty tank.

• Boxes should be placed on pallets off the floor in case of damp or water leaks.

• All furniture items should be covered with a tarp to protect them from dust and bugs.

Cars aside, if you are not sure if an item is suitable for long term storage in a friend’s garage, you can give the friendly staff at Big Box Storage a call. They will be more than happy to advise you on what household goods and mechanical items can be safely stored long term in a garage. Of course, the most important criteria is whether you can trust the friend to maintain storage security over such a long time!

Full-Service Movers

Nothing can be as tempting to a frazzled packer who has to put large numbers of items into storage than a full-service mover. These companies are like magic fairies who swoop in when you want to put one item or hundreds of items into storage. Full-service movers pack, wrap, box, transport, and place into a storage unit anything and everything you need to store.

Full-service movers can range from multi-national removal companies with large articulated vehicles to two men and van operations. Full-service means they’ll come to your address at the stipulated time and date (they will charge more over weekends). They will carefully pack the items you want to put into storage. Part of the multi-national full service may include the stipulation that you have to use one of their San Diego storage companies in the price they quote to you. Once the items are packed using high-quality bubble wrap and boxes, they use their lifting tools to lever heavy items into the truck. When they off-load the items into your storage unit, they will pack them into the unit with great expertise. You may need to get special permits to have a large vehicle parked on your road for the day. You should ask the full-service mover company to find out about this on your behalf.

This solution is perfect for anyone who is not physically able to pack for themselves. It is also the most popular option for anyone who is relocating for work and has been given carte blanche to hire any removal company at any price. And that is what brings us neatly around to the one drawback to full-service movers: the price.

When you compare the price of a full-service mover company to a portable storage company (next on our list), your eyes will widen. Full-service mover companies are expensive. They are excellent at what they do, and they use the highest quality equipment and staff, but the cost of all of these specialist services will impact your wallet. If you are paying for a full service move out of your pocket, you should seriously consider the alternatives before committing to a full-service move contract.

Portable Storage Companies

Portable storage companies provide the mover with a mobile storage unit brought to a convenient spot in their yard or road, and the mover packs it. When the mover finishes up packing, the portable storage company picks up the unit and takes it to their storage facility. End of story.

Portable service companies are San Diego’s favorite way of taking control of storage, delivery, and pickup of household goods and other items. You can choose between indoor storage options and outdoor storage options. Indoor units, such as those offered by Big Box Storage, provide more protection from the elements because they are climate controlled. Portable storage companies also offer month-to-month lease agreements. These arrangements make them perfect for homeowners caught between one house being sold and the next home not yet ready. This agreement is the preferred storage choice of people operating abroad temporarily and those on deployment.

You can even choose to split your household goods between two different storage units: one outside unit for cars, tools, and gardening equipment and an indoor temperature controlled storage unit for furniture and boxes.

Portable storage companies offer you the best of both worlds at an affordable price. If the quote of a full-service movers makes your eyes water, and conventional self-storage or a friend’s garage is not safe or sheltered enough, call Big Box Portable Storage San Diego today for a quote.